Can Goats Eat Oregano? The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Goat Herbs

Written By Jill Taylor

If you’ve found yourself asking – can goats eat oregano? – you’re not alone. The short answer is yes, goats can safely enjoy oregano as a part of their varied diet. But before you rush to sprinkle this aromatic herb into their feeding trough, there’s more to consider.

As someone who’s spent considerable time around goats, I’ve learned that their dietary curiosity knows no bounds. Like how we enjoy the occasional exotic dish or seasonal treat, goats appreciate a bit of variety in their daily munchies. But, as with any dietary change for your pets or livestock, moderation and proper introduction are key.

So, what should you know about feeding oregano to goats? How much is too much? Is it even a good idea? Stick around as we explore the ins and outs of this culinary delight in a goat’s world.

can goats eat oregano

What Do Goats Generally Eat?

If you’re a goat owner or just a fan of these playful and curious creatures, you know how interesting their eating habits can be. Understanding what goats generally eat can provide a baseline when considering adding something new, like oregano, to their diet. Let’s explore what makes up the typical menu for a goat.

The Grazing Nature of Goats

So you’ve seen goats chow down on just about anything, right? From grass and grains to leaves and even paper, these adventurous eaters seem almost invincible when it comes to their dietary choices. Their grazing nature allows them to nibble on various kinds of vegetation throughout the day.

Common Foods in a Goat’s Diet

Typically, goats feast on a balanced diet of grains, hay, fruits, and vegetables. Many goat owners also add supplemental feeds and minerals to ensure the goats are getting all the nutrients they need. Some common foods include alfalfa, clover, carrots, and grains like oats.

Foods to Avoid for Goats

But hang on, not everything is a green light in the goat world. Foods like chocolate, onions, and anything moldy are a strict no-no and can even be toxic to goats. So, always exercise caution when you’re experimenting with their diet.


Oregano – What Is It?

Oregano is a household name in kitchens, known for spicing up everything from pizza to soups. But before we get into the suitability of this herb for your goat’s menu, let’s take a closer look at what oregano is and why it’s so popular in human cuisine.

Description of Oregano

Moving on to the herb in question – oregano. Ah yes, the aromatic green leaves that give your pizzas and pasta that zesty zing! Oregano is a perennial herb often found in Mediterranean and Eurasian regions.

Uses of Oregano in Cooking

You’ll commonly find oregano sprinkled in Italian, Greek, and even some Mexican dishes. From sauces to grilled meats, its robust flavor makes it a versatile kitchen staple.

Oregano’s Nutritional Profile

And it’s not just the flavor that it adds. Oregano is packed with antioxidants and vitamins like K and E. It’s a package deal of taste and health, but is it a deal that’s suitable for goats too?

The Curiosity Factor – Why Would Goats Be Interested in Oregano?

oregano on a rock

So, why are we even asking whether goats can eat oregano? Well, if you’ve spent any amount of time observing goats, you’d know that they are like the adventurers or the explorers of the animal world, especially regarding food. Let’s explore why these four-legged foodies might find oregano intriguing.

Goats’ Adventurous Eating Habits

If you’ve spent some time around goats, you know they’re the explorers of the animal kingdom when it comes to food. They’ll sniff, nibble, and taste a variety of things, sometimes things you wouldn’t even consider edible!

Availability of Oregano in Domestic and Wild Settings

In a home setting, you might be growing oregano in your herb garden. In the wild, goats might encounter oregano as a part of the natural flora. Either way, their innate curiosity often leads them to sample whatever is before them.

Scenarios Where Goats Might Encounter Oregano

Think about it – maybe you dropped some oregano while preparing dinner, or perhaps a goat discovered some while grazing. Their adventurous spirit and the herb’s compelling aroma could make this encounter likely.

Can Goats Eat Oregano?

goats eating plants

The million-dollar question is here: Can goats safely munch on oregano? You might consider this herb as an additional treat, or you’ve caught your goat sneaking a bite out of your herb garden. Either way, let’s get to the bottom of whether oregano and goats are a good match.

Safety Concerns – Is Oregano Harmful to Goats?

Let’s cut to the chase. The good news is that oregano isn’t toxic to goats. Phew! Right? Unlike certain plants and foods that can be harmful, oregano doesn’t pose a risk of toxicity.

Nutritional Benefits of Oregano for Goats

Believe it or not, some of the benefits that make oregano great for humans apply to goats. The herb’s antioxidants can be a healthy addition to their diet. Plus, it’s known for its potential natural antibiotic properties.

Drawbacks or Limitations in Feeding Oregano to Goats

That doesn’t mean you should start dumping bunches of oregano into their feeders. Like anything else, moderation is key. Too much oregano might lead to digestive issues or simply make your goat’s diet unbalanced. So, a sprinkling here and there? Yes. An oregano buffet? Not so much.

How to Introduce Oregano into a Goat’s Diet

dried oregano

So we’ve determined that oregano isn’t off-limits for goats, but how do you introduce it into their diet? You’d be surprised at how even a small change in a goat’s diet can make a big difference. Let’s look at some best practices for making oregano a welcome guest at your goat’s dinner table.

Fresh vs Dried Oregano – What’s Best?

When it comes to adding oregano to your goat’s diet, you have options. Both fresh and dried oregano can work. Fresh oregano from the garden might be more enticing due to its aroma. However, dried oregano is more convenient and can be easily mixed with other feeds.

Ideal Quantities to Start With

Start small, my friend. A little sprig of fresh oregano or a teaspoon of dried oregano should be enough to get you started. Monitor your goats to see if they like it and, more importantly, ensure it’s not causing any digestive discomfort.

Mixing Oregano with Other Feed

Now, you don’t have to hand-feed oregano to your goats unless you want to. You can mix it into their regular food – grains, fruits, or vegetables. This way, it blends in with the flavors they already know and love, making introducing a new food item much smoother.

What Parts of the Oregano Plant Are Safe for Goats?

fresh oregano plant

When it comes to feeding oregano to goats, you might be wondering if the entire plant is fair game or if there are specific parts you should focus on. This is an excellent question, especially since some plants have parts unsuitable for animal consumption. So, let’s break it down and find out what parts of the oregano plant are a “go” for goats.


The leaves of the oregano plant are generally the most commonly used in cooking and as a snack for your goats. Rich in flavor and aroma, they are safe for goats to eat either fresh or dried.


Yes, oregano plants do flower, which are also safe for goats. They are not as rich in flavor as the leaves but offer a different texture that your goats might find interesting. So, if your oregano plant is in bloom, no worries—those flowers are goat-friendly!


The stems of the oregano plant are often overlooked, but they’re also safe for goats. They may not pack as much flavor as the leaves or flowers, but they offer a nice crunch. If you’re trimming your oregano plants, you can throw the stems into the mix for a little added texture.


Generally speaking, the roots of the oregano plant are not commonly fed to goats. While they are not toxic, they lack the flavorful punch that the aerial parts of the plant provide. Most goat owners stick to the leaves, flowers, and stems.

To sum it up, you’ve got a safe plant on your hands when it comes to oregano. The leaves, flowers, and stems are all suitable for goat consumption. Just remember, as with any other food, moderation is vital to ensuring your goats enjoy a balanced and healthy diet.

What Other Herbs Can Goats Eat Apart from Oregano?fresh cilantro

So, now that we’ve established that oregano and goats are a fine match, you might be wondering what other herbs can make it into the goat-friendly list. You’ll be pleased to know that oregano isn’t the lone herb standing in your goat’s corner. Herbs can be a fun way to add a sprinkle of variety and extra nutrients to your goats’ meals. Let’s discuss other herbs to make your goats’ dining experience a gastronomic adventure.


Good news for the cilantro lovers – your goats can enjoy it too! Cilantro is non-toxic to goats and can offer them a new texture and flavor. So go ahead, let them munch on this fragrant herb as a part of a balanced diet.

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Parsley isn’t just for garnishing dishes; it can also be a tasty and healthy treat for your goats. It’s safe for them to eat and is packed with nutrients like vitamin K. However, moderation is key, as too much of anything isn’t good.

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Is there anything better than the smell of fresh basil? Your goats might think so too! Basil is another safe herb for goats and can be a fun addition to their diet. It’s aromatic, full of antioxidants, and goat-approved for occasional snacking.

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Here’s where it gets interesting. Lavender isn’t just for calming teas or aromatic sachets; it’s also safe for goats. Just imagine – a goat munching on lavender might be the most peaceful scene ever! But keep it limited, as lavender is strong, and you don’t want to upset those little goat bellies.

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Last but not least, rosemary is another safe herb for your goats. This evergreen herb offers a distinct flavor and is high in antioxidants. However, like other herbs, it’s best served in moderation as part of a diversified diet.

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Can goats eat oregano – final thoughts

So there you have it! Your goats can partake in the oregano extravaganza – just keep it balanced and thoughtful. From the typical goat menu to their adventurous appetite and the nitty-gritty of introducing oregano into their diet, we’ve covered all the bases. And if goats had a fine dining restaurant, oregano would probably make it to the specials menu!

Remember, oregano isn’t just a treat for human taste buds; it can also be a zesty little addition to your goat’s culinary life. Just like you wouldn’t eat pizza every day (or would you?), make sure oregano remains a guest star rather than the main character in your goat’s dietary drama.