Can Ducks Eat Maggots?

Written By Jill Taylor

Can ducks eat maggots? Yes, ducks love to eat maggots. Maggots and worms are ducks’ favorite food and they will usually find them in the ground. If you want to see your duck get excited, give them maggots for a treat.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about feeding your ducks maggots.

can ducks eat maggots

What are Maggots?

Maggots are the larvae of the fly. They usually appear in rotting material where they feed on dead animals or plants. Maggots are good for the soil, as they will help decompose organic matter and recycle nutrients back into the dirt.

Can Ducks Eat Maggots?

Yes, they can. It is not harmful to ducks to eat maggots. Maggots are the favorite meal of many waterfowl and duck owners often purchase them in order to feed their ducks during the summer months. Maggots are also a great source of protein for all waterfowl.


How Do I Find Maggots For My Duck?

You can find maggots by purchasing fly larvae or flies. It is possible to grow your own larvae at home with rotting meat you may have lying around; however, this requires more effort than simply buying them from a store.

Ducks are good at finding maggots naturally, so if you want to give them a treat without having to provide the maggots yourself, just encourage your ducks to forage. Put out garden mulch and let them hunt around in it. Make sure that you take away any uneaten food after twenty-four hours or it will start to rot and attract flies.

Maggots can be purchased at farm stores and online. Duck owners often purchase live maggots from local bait shops; however, these shops may not always carry them and it is recommended that you call ahead before making a trip there.

Maggot retailers will usually have a live maggot bin where you can pick out the quantity and size of maggots you want to purchase.

Maggot retailers charge by the number of maggots per ounce as opposed to charging by weight. This means that they can sell small quantities even though they might not be the cheapest option.

Maggots also come in a variety of sizes, from very small to large larvae. There are even maggots that will reach adulthood and turn into flies if they aren’t eaten.

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How Can I Feed Maggots to My Ducks?


There are many ways that you can feed maggots to your ducks. Here are some common methods:

  • Purchase Freeze-Dried Maggots
  • Place pieces of meat in an out-of-the-way, insect-free area
  • Pack decaying organic matter with earthworms or nightcrawlers
  • Place old hay in the compost heap so it will have flies once it starts decomposing
  • Add black soldier fly larvae to your worm farm
  • Place rotting fruit in bowls outside near your duck enclosure
  • Go fishing and place the leftover bait into a container in the fridge

Make sure that when you feed maggots or other insects to your ducks the food is fresh. Maggots should appear white or cream-colored and should be firm to the touch.

Brown maggots are old, which means that they are no longer nutritious for your ducks. If you are purchasing maggots from a store or online, follow the supplier’s guidelines on how many to feed your particular type of duck.

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What If I Don’t Want To Feed Maggots To My Duck?

Duck owners who do not want to give their ducks maggots can still feed them a nutritious diet. They can use a poultry pellet instead of living maggots and still see the same benefits. Feeding your ducks a commercial feed is another option.

Are Maggots Safe for Ducks to Eat?

Yes, maggots are completely safe for ducks to eat. Maggots can help ducks digest their food and provide extra nutrients. This makes them a nutritious snack and supplement for your duck diet.

Ducks that have access to insects do not need as much protein from commercial feeds. In fact, they can easily get too much protein from these feeds if they have no other sources of protein in their diets.

Maggots contain more minerals than live mealworms or earthworms

Maggots are a by-product of human consumption, so feeding them to your ducks aids in recycling food waste instead of leaving it out to rot.

They give the added benefit of offering beneficial gut bacteria. The benefits outweigh any risks associated with feeding maggots to ducks.

Ducks are scavengers by nature. If you want to give them a nutritious treat, consider feeding your ducks live maggots or freeze-dried ones. You can also put rotting fruit out for them or provide other foods that attract flies if you want to avoid the extra effort involved in storing live maggots.

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Can Ducklings Eat Maggots?

baby duckling

Yes, ducklings can eat maggots. It is not harmful to them at all and they will enjoy the meal very much.

Maggots contain a lot of important nutrients for ducks, including vitamins A and D.

Younger ducks are more susceptible to worms than adult ducks. Maggots can help clear out any worms that might be in your duck’s digestive system. If you are concerned about the safety of feeding maggots, you should still give them a few pieces in order to help protect their health during development.

Can Ducks Eat Fly Larvae?

Yes, ducks can eat fly larvae. In fact, ducks are very good at reducing the number of flies in your yard.

Ducks eat fly larvae as a way to combat the flies that may carry diseases and parasites. Eating fly larvae interrupts the fly life cycle and is an excellent method for getting rid of flies.

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Can Ducks Eat Maggots – Final Thoughts

Maggots are a great food source for ducks and they love to eat them. If you want to give your duck a special treat, offer them some maggots. They will help improve the soil and provide your duck with essential nutrients.

Live maggots can be a nutritious option for your ducks. They provide hydration and protein, which are two things that ducks need to stay healthy. Ducks will enjoy a treat of maggots more than their usual diet of pellet food.

Maggots are beneficial to the soil as well, making them an environmentally-friendly way to feed your duck family.

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