Can Ducks Eat Mice? Alternative Pest Control Method

Can ducks eat mice? Yes, mice are safe for ducks to eat and some ducks will actively hunt for mice. This can be very beneficial to you and ducks are known to be great pest control animals.

A major challenge for most farmers and homesteaders is to deal with mice. Mice can steal food from other animals and contaminate different places. While there are many steps you can take to deal with mice, farmers and homesteaders typically keep ducks.

can ducks eat mice

Can Ducks Eat Mice?

Yes! Ducks can eat mice. In fact, some breeds of ducks are known to hunt mice for food actively. Mice are safe to eat for ducks and geese and are a big part of their diet. Free-ranging ducks consume all types of animals, and mice are one of them. However, the query we will address now is: are mice safe for ducks?

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Are Mice Safe to Eat for Ducks?

Rats and mice have a reputation for spreading dangerous illnesses because of the bacteria and dirt they carry. This is especially true for rats and mice that roam in the cities, as they move from one dumpsite or waste bin to the next.

Mice found in barns or farms can still transmit diseases, but not as efficiently as city mice. Because mice can transfer diseases, should this be concerning for the ducks? Unfortunately, if a mouse has a pathogen and is eaten by the duck, the bird can get sick.

It is important to remember that ducks typically eat young mice, and those youngsters are still under parental care. If you have a barn close to a city, mice or rats can easily contract pathogens.

You should try other ways of getting rid of the mice rather than letting your ducks take care of them. However, if you feel confident that your ducks are safe, let them get rid of the mice.

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Local Regulations regarding Mice and Ducks


One thing you should do before allowing your ducks to hunt the mice is to research your local area rules and regulations. You can also contact other homesteaders or vets in the area.

Is it permissible to let ducks deal with mice? Does the vet think it is safe for the ducks? It will be easier to decide when you consider these simple questions.

Are Ducks enough to Scare the Mice Away?

Ducks don’t search for rats or mice as if they are all they have to eat. Free-ranging ducks will eat all other edibles and mice. This means that ducks may not be enough to get rid of mice around or in the barn because ducks will not hunt mice all the time. You will either need to eliminate the mice completely or find ways to control their population.

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Ways Ducks can Effectively Hunt down Mice

mallard duck

If you have a mice problem, then ducks can be a way of getting rid of them. However, ducks won’t always be interested in eating mice, so you need to grab their attention. Here are a few ways ducks can effectively hunt down mice:

Keep them in Areas that have Mice

There must be a particular part of your party that has mice infestation. You need to keep your ducks in that area of the property so they can effectively kill the mice. Once the ducks feel that they have a chance of getting a free meal, they will efficiently hunt down the mice.

Don’t use other methods for killing mice

There is no point in using other methods to kill mice. Some people might use mouse traps or poisoned bait to kill mice, but with ducks around those methods are not needed. If you keep these traps around, they can seriously wound or kill the ducks.

Safety is Important

While ducks are known to kill and eat mice, mice can infect them with dangerous diseases. Ensure you take all the safety measures, don’t let the ducks go in areas that have clusters of mice in them. Mice will do whatever it takes to protect themselves, and they can even bite the duck.

Capture the Mice yourself

Another way you can get rid of the threats posed by mice is by capturing them and then feeding them to the ducks. While this seems straightforward, it is not, and you will probably need a professional to do the catching. If you are unsure of capturing the mice, don’t use this tactic.

Increase the Number of Ducks

Four of five ducks will not be able to effectively eliminate mice, so you will need more ducks. If you just have a handful of ducks, consider increasing the number. The more ducks there are, the better are their chances of completely eliminating mice from your property.

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What if the Ducks are Reluctant to Hunt Mice?

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Some ducks might not be comfortable hunting mice down or maybe haven’t seen mice before. There are a few things you can do here, try to use experienced ducks when you have a mice problem. Ducks that have hunted mice before will have no problem searching and killing all the mice you find.

For those ducks that are reluctant to hunt the mice, you will need to train them. Here are a few training tips that you can try:

Use the Mice as bait

You can use the mice as bait for the ducks. This way the ducks will get used to eating the mice and will be more effective at hunting the animal.

Give Ducks a chance to learn

Ducks are social animals, so they will copy what others do. If you keep inexperienced ducks in a group along with experienced ducks they will learn a lot of traits, and soon will be able to hunt mice. However, you should not interfere in this, let the ducks learn themselves, give them some time to figure things out.

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Are There Any Benefits to Eating Mice?

Besides getting rid of a potential danger, ducks can also benefit from eating mice. Mice are a good source of protein for ducks and they are also low in fat. Ducks that eat a diet containing mostly mice will be very healthy.

Ducks can help get rid of mice, but they won’t always be interested in hunting them down. You’ll either need to eliminate the mice completely or find ways to control their population.


Can ducks eat mice? Well, we have already answered that question in this article. However, we have also discussed several queries related to the topic, such as is it safe for ducks to eat mice? And how can ducks effectively eliminate mice? We also discussed the steps you need to take to treat a sick duck.

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