Can Goats Eat Bread? Yes, but Moderation is Key

Written By Jill Taylor

When I first got my goats, I found myself continually asking one question: can goats eat bread? With all the information floating around about what’s suitable for goats and what isn’t, it was essential for me to have a clear answer. After some thorough research, I can confidently confirm that yes, goats can eat bread. However, like any other treats, bread should only be given in moderation.

Having spent many years raising goats and observing their feeding habits, I’ve learned that goats are browsers. They prefer to nibble on leaves, twigs, and other natural vegetation. Yet, they have a fondness for variety in their diet, and that’s where bread comes in. It’s not just about the nutritional benefits, but also the amusement that a slice of bread can provide for these playful animals.

In the following article, we will explore the different types of bread that are best for goats, how often they should eat bread, and the risks involved. As a responsible goat owner, it’s crucial to understand the balance between providing a treat and ensuring a healthy diet. After all, the health and happiness of our beloved animals are of paramount importance.

can goats eat bread

Can Goats Eat Bread?

Just like humans, goats enjoy the occasional treat. And while bread might not be the healthiest option for humans, it can actually be a good snack for goats. Goats are browsers, which means that they prefer to eat leaves and other vegetation.

A goat’s diet can also include small amounts of grains, like wheat or oats. Since bread is made from wheat flour, it falls into this category. In moderation, bread can provide goats with additional nutrients, like protein and fiber. It can also help to keep them entertained and amused.

However, bread should not be the main part of a goat’s diet. Goats need hay or other roughage to maintain a healthy digestive system. So while a little bit of bread might be good for them, too much can actually be harmful.


What Types of Bread are Best for Goats to Eat?

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Goats are very clever animals and they are able to learn new things quickly. When it comes to food, they are mostly interested in eating grass and hay. However, they will also eat other things, including bread.

But what type of bread is best for goats? Wholegrain, sourdough, and brown bread are all good options. All three types of bread are nutritious and will help to keep your goat healthy and happy.

Wholegrain Bread

Wholegrain bread is high in fiber, which is essential for good digestion. It can also help to regulate a goat’s blood sugar levels. Wholegrain bread is a healthy option for goats and should be given to them in moderation.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is made with a special type of yeast that helps to break down the grain, making it easier for goats to digest. It is also a good source of probiotics, which can keep a goat’s gut healthy.

Brown Bread

Brown bread is a good source of energy and it also contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. It can be given to goats in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

White Bread

White bread is not as nutritious as wholegrain or brown bread, but it can still be a tasty snack for goats. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugar or other unhealthy ingredients.

What Types of Bread Should Goats Not Eat?

While many people assume that goats can eat anything, it is actually important to be cautious when feeding them bread. While many types of bread are perfectly safe and even nutritious for goats, others should be avoided at all costs.

For example, sugary or heavily buttered bread can lead to health problems like diabetes and heart disease in goats, while fried and oily bread may cause them to become sick or obese.

Additionally, some types of bread may contain ingredients that are harmful to goats, such as raisins and other dried fruits. Ultimately, the best way to ensure the well-being of your goats is to avoid feeding them any type of processed or non-nutritious bread.

Benefits of Feeding Bread to Goats

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There are many benefits to feeding healthy types of bread to goats. Firstly, from a nutritional standpoint, bread provides vital nutrients that help to support the growth and development of goats.

For example, bread is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. In addition, since bread is more palatable than many other types of animal feed, it encourages goats to eat more readily and take in adequate amounts of these important nutrients.

Another key reason to feed goats healthy bread is that it helps them maintain good health overall. By feeding them bread that has not been processed or overly refined, you can ensure that they are getting all the natural micronutrients they need as well as high-quality fiber for digestive health.

Furthermore, feeding these types of bread can help prevent or reduce common goat ailments such as diarrhea or constipation. Overall, there are many important reasons why it is beneficial to feed your goats healthy types of bread in moderation.

Risks of Feeding Bread to Goats

While there are many benefits to feeding goats healthy types of bread, it is important to note that there are also some risks associated with this practice.

For example, if you feed your goats too much bread, they could become obese or develop other health problems. Additionally, if you feed them moldy or contaminated bread, it could make them sick or even cause death.

In order to prevent these risks, it is critical to only feed your goats bread that has been properly prepared and stored. Additionally, you should always consult with a trusted veterinarian or animal nutritionist before choosing what types of bread are best for your goats.

How Often can Goats Eat Bread?

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While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, it is generally recommended that you feed your goats bread in moderation.

For example, depending on the size and weight of each goat, you can typically give them around 1-2 slices of bread per day or less. Of course, the best way to determine how often you should feed your goats bread is to consult with a professional.

Can Goats Eat Moldy Bread?

One potential risk of feeding our goats is feeding them moldy bread. While goats are generally able to digest most types of food, bread that has been contaminated by mold can contain harmful toxins that can damage their digestive systems.

To avoid the risk of feeding moldy bread to your goats, be sure to inspect any bread before giving it to them. If you see any mold on the bread, throw it away and choose a healthier option for your goats instead.

If you suspect that your goat has eaten moldy bread, keep an eye out for signs of digestive distress such as vomiting or diarrhea. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to seek veterinary care as soon as possible.

Can Baby Goats Eat Bread?

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Yes, baby goats are able to eat bread. While many people might assume that the high carbohydrate content of bread is unhealthy for a young animal, this is actually not the case for baby goats. This is because goats have evolved to be highly adaptable and able to consume many different types of food, including grains like wheat and barley.

In fact, goats can even digest grasses that most other animals cannot, so they don’t require a very strict diet in order to stay healthy and strong. Therefore, while it may seem counterintuitive at first glance, baby goats are actually perfectly fine eating bread. In fact, they may even enjoy it!

Just make sure to follow the same guidelines as feeding bread to adult goats, and feed bread in moderation.

Can Goats Eat Garlic Bread?

While there is no harm in feeding goats garlic bread, it is important to note that garlic can be toxic to goats in large quantities.

Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding your goats garlic bread to prevent any potential health problems. If you do choose to feed them garlic bread, be sure to give them a small amount and monitor them closely for any adverse reactions.

What Other Grains Can Goats Eat Apart From Bread?

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Apart from bread, goats can consume a variety of grains, which can be a healthy addition to their diet when given in moderation. These grains can provide essential nutrients and energy, supplementing their primary diet of hay and forage. However, it is crucial to offer these grains in the right quantities and forms to ensure your goats remain healthy and happy. Below, we explore five common grains and whether they are suitable for goats.


Corn is a popular grain that can be fed to goats, as it is a good source of carbohydrates and energy. However, it should be given in moderation because corn is high in starch and can quickly lead to weight gain. You can feed your goats whole corn, cracked corn, or cornmeal as a supplement to their regular diet, but remember to adjust the portion size according to their age, size, and energy requirements.

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Oats are a nutritious grain that can be fed to goats. They are high in protein, fiber, and minerals, making them an excellent choice for supplementing your goats’ diet. Oats are less energy-dense than corn, which makes them less likely to cause weight gain. You can offer whole or rolled oats to your goats as a treat or as part of a balanced grain mix.

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While popcorn might be an unconventional choice, goats can eat it occasionally. However, ensure that the popcorn is plain, without any added salt, butter, or flavorings. Popcorn can serve as a fun and crunchy treat for your goats, but it should not be a regular part of their diet, as it doesn’t provide the essential nutrients they need.

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Rice can be fed to goats, but it’s not a common choice. If you decide to offer rice to your goats, it should be cooked and plain, without any added salt, seasonings, or sauces. Rice can provide some carbohydrates and energy, but it should only be given as an occasional treat and not a staple in their diet.

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Wheat is another grain that can be fed to goats. It is a good source of energy, protein, and essential nutrients. However, wheat should be introduced slowly into their diet, as it can cause digestive issues if given in large quantities at once. You can offer whole wheat, cracked wheat, or wheat bran as part of a balanced grain mix for your goats.

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Can Goats Eat Bread – Final Thoughts

While there are some risks associated with feeding goats bread, there are also many benefits. If you choose to feed your goats bread, be sure to select healthy varieties in moderation.

Avoid processed or sugary bread, and always consult with a trusted veterinarian or animal nutritionist before making any changes to your goat’s diet.