19 Worst HOA Rules You’ve Ever Heard Of

Written By Jill Taylor

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) can be helpful, but sometimes their rules are downright ridiculous. Here are 19 of the most astonishing and unreasonable HOA regulations that homeowners have had to deal with.

Mandatory Lawn Grass Color

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A HOA might insist that all lawns must be the exact same shade of green. Homeowners can be fined if their grass doesn’t match the approved color, making them use paint and dye to meet this absurd requirement.

No Overnight Street Parking

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In some neighborhoods, people can’t park their cars on the street overnight. This has made many look for different places to park, causing extra hassle and stress. According to JellyBird, there are a few things you can do if you find yourself in this position.

Restricted Holiday Decorations

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Some HOAs have strict rules about holiday decorations, including what types, colors, and even the exact dates they can be displayed. Residents who step out of line, whether by decorating too early or using unapproved items, could be fined.

Banned Vegetable Gardens

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Growing your own veggies can be both rewarding and eco-friendly, but some HOAs prohibit vegetable gardens in front yards. Those looking to harvest their own fresh produce might have to tuck their garden out of sight or, sadly, ditch the idea altogether.

Limited Use of Solar Panels

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Despite the push for renewable energy, some HOAs restrict or ban solar panels. Those wanting to use solar energy face challenges because of rules focused on keeping a certain look in the neighborhood.

Limited Pet Ownership

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An HOA might set a cap on how many pets you can have or what kinds they allow. This has put families in a really tough spot, having to choose which of their furry friends they can keep and which ones they need to find new homes for.

Banned Clotheslines

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Despite environmental benefits, some HOAs ban clotheslines entirely. Homeowners looking to save energy and dry their clothes naturally must either find creative indoor solutions or face penalties for breaking this rule.

Uniform Mailboxes

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HOAs can be pretty particular, sometimes asking that everyone’s mailbox look exactly the same—the same style, color, and height. If you like to show a bit of personality or just want a better mailbox, you’ll likely hit a wall with these kinds of strict guidelines.

Compulsory Garage Door Closure

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In some communities, HOA rules mandate that garage doors remain closed at all times except when entering or exiting. This rule is meant to keep things looking neat, but it often proves impractical for homeowners who use their garages for more than just parking.

No Exterior Paint Changes

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If you want to change the color of your home’s exterior, you’ll probably need HOA approval. The problem is that many associations only allow a few colors, and they’re often outdated or just plain boring. So, if you’re looking to give your home a fresh look, you’re likely to feel limited.

Ban on Commercial Vehicles

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If you use a commercial vehicle for work, HOA restrictions might prevent you from parking it at home. This rule can create logistical nightmares and additional costs for those needing their vehicles nearby for business purposes.

Forbidden Fencing Styles

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Some HOAs have strict rules about the style, height, and material of fences around homes. If you want to build or replace a fence for security, privacy, or just to make your place look nicer, you’ll need to follow these guidelines, which can sometimes cost extra.

Outlawed Basketball Hoops

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Some communities don’t allow permanent or even temporary basketball hoops. This rule, meant to keep the neighborhood looking a certain way, limits the fun for kids and sports enthusiasts. It’s a bummer for residents who just want to enjoy their recreational time.

No Personalized House Numbers

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An HOA might ban personalized or decorative house numbers to keep things looking uniform. If homeowners want to add something slightly different to their property, they have to stick with the standard issue, missing out on a small but meaningful chance for personalization.

Restricted Signage

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Political, security, and even “For Sale” signs can be pretty tightly regulated or banned entirely. Homeowners often find themselves limited in expressing their beliefs, advertising their property, or sharing security warnings.

Restricted Window Treatments

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Some HOAs have strict rules on the style and color of window treatments, such as curtains, blinds, or shades that can be seen from the outside. Expressing personal taste or addressing specific needs with these treatments is often complicated.

No Garden Sheds

Photo Credit: Gorloff-KV/Shutterstock

Building or installing garden sheds can be banned, leaving people without enough space for storing tools and outdoor gear. This rule pushes rezidents to look for other storage options, which can often be more inconvenient.

Guidelines for Outdoor Decor

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HOAs might have rules against using certain decorations in your yard as well, including statues, fountains, or garden gnomes. These restrictions are far from ideal for those who enjoy personalizing their lawns.

No Unapproved Plants

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You may need approval from your HOA before planting some types of trees, shrubs, or flowers. If you want a more varied and colorful garden around your house, these gardening rules can be incredibly restricting.

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