17 U.S. Cities Where You Can Live Comfortably on $1,500 a Month

Written By Jill Taylor

The U.S. is one of the most expensive countries to live in, and it’s no wonder why residents here have an intense work culture, trying to keep up. If you’re looking for a city that could spare you some extra cash, here are 17 places where $1,500 should be enough for one person.

Knoxville, Tennessee

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To live in Knoxville, you’ll only need about $1,002 as a single person and $3,500 for a family of four every month—without rent, of course. And, despite being the most affordable major Tennessee city to live in, you still have access to excellent medical and educational institutions, a vibrant art scene, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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In Fayetteville, you’ll only need about $1,250 in a month, and with this, you get to enjoy multiple outdoor activities and a booming tech job market. The city is also home to the University of Arkansas, and data from Payscale shows that housing here is 29% lower than the national average.

Des Moines, Iowa

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Des Moines has multiple cultural attractions, comes with a low crime rate, and gives you access to a robust job market, particularly in insurance and finance. And you can enjoy all this for only about $1,450 per month. A household only needs about $1,680 per month here, while a family of four can easily live on $4,000.

Augusta, Georgia

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As US News shares, the median cost of rent in Augusta is about $933 per month, and the general cost of living, although varying by neighborhood, falls below the national average. The affordability of living in Augusta has drawn many families, college students, and retirees looking for a low-cost metropolitan area.

Omaha, Nebraska

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Omaha is also easy on your pocket, as a single person is only expected to spend about $1,270 per month, while a family of four needs about $4,400 without rent. The city is home to many Fortune 500 companies, and residents here are family-oriented and have a strong sense of community.

Wichita, Kansas

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While a family of four needs about $3,800 to live comfortably, a single individual only requires $1,100 to get what he or she needs in a month in Wichita. However, it’s important to note that the cost of utilities here can be higher than in many other places across the U.S.

Mobile, Alabama

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Mobile is another city on our list that, like Toledo, requires less than $1,000 to live in. A single person can comfortably survive on about $981 per month here, while a family of four will do well with $3,500 without rent. Forbes says that housing in Mobile costs 12% lower than the national average, too!

Lubbock, Texas

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Now, with Lubbock, your cost of living as a single person is a little closer to the benchmark, as you’d expect to spend about $1,400 in a month. Nonetheless, it’s a city on our list with one of the lowest costs of housing. You can get a liveable two-bedroom home for about $900 per month here.

Toledo, Ohio

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Toledo offers you an even better cost of living than Knoxville, as residents here, who are single individuals, spend an average of $948 per month. A family of four spends only about $3,300 without rent. And with all this, you still have easy access to many museums and outdoor activities at Lake Erie.

Montgomery, Alabama

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Despite its deep historical roots, popular landmarks, the growing job market in the public and healthcare sectors, and excellent climate, a single person will only need approximately $1,350 to live in Montgomery per month. What’s more, you have a tight-knit community to go with this.

Akron, Ohio

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In Akron, your pockets are particularly spared when it comes to the cost of housing. While a single person should expect to spend about $1,300 here per month to live comfortably, the general cost of rent here is a delightful 26% lower than the national average.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Fort Wayne offers you an amazing balance between the worlds of housing and general costs of living. To enjoy easy access to the cultural festivals and events held here every year, you’ll only need about $1,100 as a single person, and 26% less for housing than in many other places in the U.S.

Greensboro, North Carolina

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With Greensboro, it’s the same story. A family of four will only need about $4,070, and a single person can live comfortably on as little as $1,140 every month. Housing here is affordable, too, and you have a thriving arts and music scene to make sure you always have something to do.

Tucson, Arizona

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You’ll need about $1,215 per month to live comfortably as a single person in Tucson, while $4,150 is enough for a family of four. The city is a good choice if you fancy rich elements of Mexican-American culture, arts, and cuisine. However, always expect to spend over $1,000 on rent here.

Rochester, New York

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If you’re looking to live in New York, Rochester is an excellent, low-cost option. The cost of living here is, on average, 26% less than in most of New York. And Numbeo says, comparably, you cut your spending on rent here by up to 66%. You also get museums, theaters, and an active music scene to keep you entertained.

El Paso, Texas

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Housing in El Paso is said to be almost 30% (29%) cheaper than the national average, with many housing options here available for below $1,000. When it comes to the general cost of living, though, El Paso takes about $1,200 from you per month as a single person.

Dayton, Ohio

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Dayton residents have a strong sense of community, and the city itself is known for its historical significance in aviation and numerous related attractions. And, as a single person, you get to live amongst all this while spending an average of $1,250 per month.

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