19 Top Dog Breeds Known for Their Good Behavior

Written By Jill Taylor

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different temperaments, energy levels, and trainability. Some do well indoors and others outdoors, so the definition of a “well-behaved” dog depends on what you’re looking for. Nonetheless, here are the 19 breeds that are particularly well-behaved!

Golden Retrievers

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Golden retrievers have a very mild temperament and are only playful when you need them to be. They get along very well with children, other pets, and strangers, and they’re so great with training that they’re popular options as service dogs. Golden retrievers are awesome in family or group settings.

Labrador Retriever

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Labrador retrievers are energetic and curious dogs, giving them a tendency to be destructive when bored. However, they’re also extremely easy to train and mildly tempered, so great socialization from an early age removes this tendency. As the AKC shares, their friendly and easy-going nature also makes them popular service dogs.

Boston Terriers

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The Boston Terrier is a charming, affectionate breed that’s people-oriented. It’s calm enough to fit in with other pets and children, and it doesn’t need much exercise or grooming to be comfortable. Although it may have less trainability than many dogs, the Boston terrier’s calm demeanor means you don’t have to worry much.

Burmese Mountain Dogs

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Burmese mountain dogs are highly energetic, yet they’re not as restless as other dogs when left alone. They have excellent trainability, are great with kids, and show perfect composure as indoor pets. Although they may be social and need a lot of attention from their human companions, they are typically cautious around strangers.

Korean Jindo Dogs

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The Korean Jindo is one of the best-behaved companions you’ll ever have by your side. It’s a breed that has evolved into a protective and loyal friend and one that has as much compassion for its owner as it is energetic. Korean Jindo dogs are rarely destructive and will be wary around strangers.

Australian Shepherds

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When you get Australian Shepherds as pets, you’ll notice how active and playfully mischievous they can get. Thankfully, this behavior transitions into a calmer demeanor as they grow older. With training and socialization, you’ll have an extremely loyal dog you never have to worry about when left alone.

Rough Collies

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Rough collies are patient with you, no matter how rough some of your playful actions can get. This level of tolerance makes them the perfect breed to have around curious, playful children. Rough collies are also eager to learn, and please you, and they’re adaptable to different living environments.

Cane Corso

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Cane Corso dogs are natural protectors, which is the most dominant trait you’ll notice in them. However, alongside their reservation against strangers is a great skill for discipline and a very calm temperament. These additional traits ensure that they never divert from the training you’ve instilled in them.


Photo Credit: JELIZAVETA KARAKAJA/Shutterstock

The Doberman is a smart, protective, and disciplined dog that does well with socialization and training as long as you provide enough stimulation to keep it well-behaved. This works great for adults, but the PDSA still states that the Doberman’s large size makes it a poor choice for small children.

Giant Schnauzers

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If you don’t mind a breed that’s vocal every time it sees something suspicious, giant schnauzers are great to have as companions. These large relatives of the miniature schnauzer are loyal and easily trained, and they remain well-behaved indoor pets as long as you give them enough outdoor exercise.


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Poodles are the best companions if you have the time to show them as much affection as they’re willing to show you. They’ll bark a lot when you don’t give them attention, but with the right amount of outdoor playtime and socialization from an early age, they’re perfect fits for indoor living.

French Bulldogs

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French bulldogs are small, gentle, and loyal breeds that will follow you everywhere you go. They may show a bit of passive aggressiveness when stressed, but the common behavioral issues to expect are fearfulness and a lack of confidence, not the destruction of your couches and throw pillows. We can tolerate that!

Miniature Pinschers

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Miniature pinschers have some pretty unique training requirements, but they never drift away from anything you teach them. They’re obedient dogs that get along well with the animals and children they live with, remaining fearless against intimidating strangers, whether big or small.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Photo Credit: Tatiana Katsai/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for the most perfectly behaved companion for your outdoor adventures, look no further than the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The AKC reveals that it’s a quiet, extremely intelligent, and disciplined watchdog that’s a great choice to protect you and your family in times of danger.

Rat Terriers

Photo Credit: picsbyst/Shutterstock

Compared to other terriers, the rat terrier has a calmer, more affectionate, and more disciplined personality. Although it may bark more than many dogs on our list, it’s a smart, generally well-behaved, and energetic breed that fits perfectly into different areas of canine sports.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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With the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the only problem you’ll have are health issues. When it comes to their behavior, they’re one of the calmest and most affectionate breeds you can own. They’re companions with high trainability that are safe around children and other pets, and we love them for that.


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Akitas are a protective breed of extremely intelligent dogs that get a little too curious when bored. Without early socialization, they also don’t get along well with everyone they come across. Nonetheless, when trained by their owners, they always maintain their best behaviors and never get aggressive toward pets or strangers unprovoked.

Portuguese Water Dog

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Portuguese Water Dogs, or “Porties,” as they’re fondly called, are independent dogs that don’t mind sharing their space with you and your family. They are intelligent dogs with easy trainability, but The Spruce Pets explains that they need considerable exercise to maintain their best behavior, so don’t get lazy on them!

Border Collies

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We saved the best to last; Border Collies are widely known as the most well-behaved dogs. They’re highly energetic dogs with mild temperaments, and they love being trained and being around people of any age. Keeping your border collie busy gets the best behavior out of it, but it’ll still be a good boy or girl regardless.

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