18 Things Your Guests Will Notice Straight Away About Your Home

Written By Jill Taylor

We’re all guilty of taking an interest in other people’s homes, whether it’s how a friend has their kitchen laid out or a family member’s new, expensive couch. From cleanliness to questionable wallpaper, here are 18 things guests will notice immediately about your home.

The Condition of Your Front Door

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When was the last time you took notice of your front door; too distracted about getting inside to put your feet up? Well, guests are definitely going to be paying attention. Whether it’s how dirty your door is, how muddy the doormat is, or any trip hazards on the step, visitors will notice.

The Overall Cleanliness

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You might not notice that cobweb in the corner, but your guests certainly will. And you can always depend on them to point out that stain on your carpet. Better Homes & Gardens advises breaking things down into small, manageable tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed about deep cleaning before guests come over.

The Smell of Your Home

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All of us have a ‘house smell’ – the generic smell of our home. Most of us won’t be able to smell our own because we’ve become desensitized to it. But guests will be able to pick up on your house smell as soon as they walk through the door, for better or worse!

Your Lighting Choices

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The most controversial lighting decision has to be whether you prefer to have the main light or to use cozy lamps. Guests will notice how bright your home is and how much natural light you let in. They might judge your decorative lighting fixtures not on their style but for their ability to properly illuminate a room.

Your Color Scheme (And What it Says About You)

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Lovers of minimal greys and whites might feel a little overwhelmed stepping into a home emblazoned with bold colors. The opposite could also be true; with those who love color hating the look of your plain white living room. But despite their personal preference, guests can usually pick up on how harmonious your décor choices are, whatever they might be.

Your Furniture Choices

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Some people purposefully furnish their homes to make sure guests will be comfortable. Visitors will definitely notice if the chair they’re sitting on is the spare camping chair from the cupboard or a brand-new plush armchair. They’ll also likely take note of how much you spent on furniture, too.

Whether Your Plants and Flowers Are Real

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You can depend on guests to notice whether your plants are fake or not. They’ll make sure to analyze whether a dinner party centerpiece is the real flower deal. Ideal Home explains that less-popular artificial plants actually have many benefits, including being low-maintenance and non-toxic to pets.

Your Decor Style

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Are you more modern, boho, or eclectic? If you’re not sure yourself, then your guests will likely know on your behalf. Taking an interest in the overall style and accessories of a home is something many house guests enjoy doing.

Your Personal Items and Photographs

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Whether they feel guilty about it or not, most guests will have a little snoop at your displayed photographs or personal items on the shelf. They’ll likely also want a sneak peek at your bookshelf to judge you on your taste in literature, or lack of if you have no books at all!

The Type of Flooring You Have

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Not only will guests notice whether you prefer hardwood floor, tile, or carpet, but they’ll likely be more judgemental about the latter. Carpets are prone to dust, dirt, and stains, things which a guest will notice more easily than if they were on hardwood floors. They’ll likely make a comment on your rug choice, too!

Any Wall Art and Decorations

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You can tell a lot about a person based on their choice of wall art, which is also why guests like to form an opinion on it. According to Reader’s Digest, walls full of fine art can show that someone is a business-savvy individual.

The Condition of Your Windows

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Window treatments are about both dressing them and keeping them clean – and guests enjoy noticing both. Whether you’re a curtains or blinds sort of household, what’s more important is keeping your windows smudge-free and sills clean of dirt and bugs, at least when guests are coming over!

The State of Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is the place guests are likely to have the most judgments about because they’ll be in there alone, free to snoop! If your bathroom isn’t stocked with essentials when people come to visit, or worse, is unclean, they will notice for sure.

Your Kitchen Layout

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The kitchen is often the first place guests will flock to. The layout and cleanliness of a kitchen are also things guests will notice straight away. Kitchen islands can be great alternatives to dining tables, says House Beautiful, but if the overall layout lacks space because of it, guests might feel claustrophobic.

The Presence of Any Pets

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Some hosts choose to put their pets away in a different room when guests are over, but that won’t stop them from noticing any toys, beds, or pet hairs left around. They’ll also be the first to notice a strong pet smell when they walk through the front door.

The Technology and Entertainment Set Up

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Is your home a Smart home, or do you have the most basic equipment? Will going there be surround sound for movie night, or are you going to be crowded around a tablet? Guests will take note of what kind of technological setup you have.

Your Holiday Decorations

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Guests are going to take the most interest in how you decorate your home for the holidays. Often neighbors become a little competitive and take extra interest at these times of the year. Not only that, they’ll also notice if you decorate the house for holidays less celebrated for cultural purposes.

The Overall Ambience

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And finally, visitors will be able to tell whether they get a comforting vibe from your home, or if it feels cold and uninviting. All the harmonious touches you add to make guests feel at home will never go unnoticed.

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