17 Things Visitors Immediately Notice When They Enter Your Home

Written By Jill Taylor

Inviting people into your home is a big deal. You may be very house-proud or house-conscious, and if you are either, you’ll likely get anxious about hosting. If this sounds like you, stop worrying and focus on the following 17 things that guests actually notice right away about your house.

Your home’s curb appeal

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The exterior of your home creates a first impression before people even step foot in it. Curb appeal is a huge deal as it is the first thing people see when they arrive, so keep things tidy on the outside, and your home will feel more inviting.

The entryway

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The entryway of a home is often neglected, yet just like the exterior, it is the first thing guests will see! It’s also the room where your guests will enter and leave, which will naturally help to form lasting impressions. So, make sure you keep yours looking good!

Your ‘house smell’

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Another initial impression people will gain upon entering your home is the scent. Scent is a major sensory factor and can greatly change how people experience your home, with Home Beautiful claiming it can even impact whether you secure a buyer when selling a property!

Uncomfortable lighting

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Guests will always notice the lighting of your home upon entering, even if they don’t realize it. Your lighting may have a welcoming, warm ambiance, or perhaps it feels bright and clinical. Lighting dramatically affects the entire atmosphere, making it an important part of making your guests feel comfortable.

Overflowing bins

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Any overflowing bins in your home are a major attention-getter. They attract guests’ attention immediately and give the impression that you’re lazy or perhaps even a slob. While the kitchen bin is the most important, guests will also notice bins in bathrooms and other areas.

A dirty bathroom

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Going to a bathroom that is not your own is never the most comfortable experience, but a clean bathroom makes all the difference. Keeping your bathroom clean should be one of the foundations of cleaning, as bacteria and dirt build up quickly, and you won’t want your guests to see that.

Grime in the kitchen

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Even dirtier than bathrooms, CNN says that the kitchen is where germs thrive the most. Not only is a clean kitchen more aesthetically pleasing, but it is also more hygienic. Guests who are knowledgeable about this will always take a look in the kitchen, so don’t leave them any unpleasant surprises!

An uncomfortable temperature

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The temperature of a space has an enormous impact on our overall experience. If it’s too hot or too cold, we won’t enjoy our time in a space as much, and this is particularly true of our homes. While comfortable temperatures are subjective, they’re something to consider when inviting guests to your property.

Bare walls

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Wall space allows you to express your personality; it’s the best way to showcase your taste and tell your guests something about you. Your guests will absolutely notice your photo frames and art, but bare walls will stand out even more. It may even give them the perspective that you just don’t care!

Unique furniture pieces

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Unique furniture will always be noticed by guests. For example, if you have a signature couch or some quirky artwork, it will be observed and, in many cases, commented on. Furniture says a lot about your personal taste and individual style, making it something to be aware of when setting up your home.

House plants

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If you have houseplants, you’ll know that people always comment on them. Plants around the home are extremely inviting and great mood boosters. They add energy to your space, are beautiful decorative pieces, and add a pop of color, so don’t forget to put some greenery in your home!

Household pets

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Your guests will also notice your pets very quickly, particularly if they either love or hate animals. The presence of pets can have a major impact on your guests’ comfort levels, so it might be worth making them aware before they enter your property.

Clutter everywhere

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If your home is cluttered, it’s going to make a negative impression on people, as everyone knows a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind! Verywell Mind explains that there is genuine truth to this old phrase; a clear space creates a relaxing environment, whereas clutter can create feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Musical ambience

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Depending on how well you know your guests, dead air can create an awkward atmosphere. Music is always more inviting, and the type of music playing sets the tone nicely. In contrast, if the TV is playing, it’s majorly off-putting and can make people feel a lack of connection.

Your children’s toys

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If you have children, you can probably relate to how toys overtake and overwhelm a house. A few toys give off a cozy, family vibe, but if your home looks like the toy department has exploded, it can be very off-putting to guests and ruin the vibe.

Bookshelf displays

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Architectural Digest identified ‘bookshelf wealth’ as one of the major design trends of 2024, and it’s unsurprising. Books have always been a part of home decor. They tell guests a lot about your interests and values, while the aesthetic adds warmth to the environment.

Personal touches

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Last but not least, it’s always fascinating to see inside other people’s homes, and your guests will be on the lookout for your personal touches. Your home is one of the biggest showcases of your life, so let your light shine, and don’t skim over all those homely details!

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