20 Things to Know Before Getting a Mini Dachshund

Written By Jill Taylor

Mini dachshunds are popular choices for new dog owners wanting a small, manageable breed to add to the family. Yet, just like any other breed, mini dachshunds come with their needs, behavioral problems, and unique personalities. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 20 things to know before getting one.

They Need More Space Than You Think

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Mini Dachshunds typically weigh no more than 11 pounds, according to The Spruce Pets, but don’t let their tiny size fool you; they need more room than you might have realized. While this breed is perfect for smaller apartment living, they still need a lot of space to move around and play.

They Can Be Fearless

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Another thing new owners need to know is that just because they’re tiny doesn’t mean they’re scared! Mini dachshunds are known for their fearless nature, which means you’ll need to keep an eye on them at all times to keep them safe from their own curiosity.

They’re Known for Being Stubborn

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Smaller breeds like the mini dachshund are often preferred by new owners because they think they’ll be easier to manage and train than larger breeds. However, this breed is very stubborn, especially during training, thanks to its independence.

Miniature Dachshunds Have High Energy Levels

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Additionally, you need to know that mini dachshunds have a lot more energy than you might think. This breed has a high level of energy, meaning they need a lot of exercise throughout the day to stay healthy, including regularly playing games like fetch.

It’s Important Not to Overexert Them

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While frequent exercise is important, it’s crucial not to overexert them, which can be a difficult balance for some owners. A good rule of thumb is to do up to one hour of exercise a day broken into small bursts, especially when they’re young puppies, to avoid overexertion.

They Need Constant Mental Stimulation

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If you think all that exercise might tire them out, think again! Mini dachshunds are as active with their brains as they are with their tiny feet. They’ll need constant mental stimulation and thrive best with puzzle toys and interactive games to keep them entertained.

Obesity is a Common Risk Factor

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Another factor you need to be aware of with mini dachshunds is that, surprisingly, they’re prone to obesity. Watching their weight is crucial, as is a balanced diet, to keep them miniature. It’s important to know that this breed needs small, frequent feeding throughout the day rather than less regular, larger meals.

They Are Prone to Back Problems

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It’s always helpful to know health risks before you invest in a new dog, and with the mini dachshund, one of the biggest issues can be back problems, specifically Intervertebral Disc disease. This is due to their long bodies and extremely short legs. Regular vet checkups will be essential.

Mini Dachshunds Will Bark A Lot

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Mini dachshunds tend to bark excessively and loudly, which comes from their large barrel chest, which they need for hunting stamina, says Petplan. Many people don’t realize how loud they can get due to their small size, so it helps to be prepared!

Their Grooming Needs Depend on Their Coat Type

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Another thing to be aware of is that mini dachshunds don’t all have the same coat; they’ll either have smooth, long hair or wire hair. Each hair type has different grooming needs. Smooth hair is the most low-maintenance choice, as long or wire hair will need frequent brushing.

They Can Have Behavioral Problems if Not Socialized

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If you’re getting a mini dachshund, you need to be prepared to socialize them as soon as possible. They are at a high risk of behavioral problems down the line if they don’t interact with other dogs. Consistent training with other animals is key, as their natural independence means they don’t take well to other dogs unless encouraged.

They’re a Challenging Breed to House Train

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You should also know that mini dachshunds are very difficult to house train if you’re raising them from puppies, so you’ll need a lot of patience prepared in advance! Setting time aside to be with them and train them consistently at home during those early years will be extremely important.

They Have a Strong Prey Drive

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It’s also important to know that mini dachshunds have a strong prey drive, which comes naturally from their hunting background. This means that they’ll need to be watched around any small animals, especially out on walks, and will need firm training for going off the leash.

Their Hunting Instincts Could Result in Them Escaping

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Mini dachshunds are natural hunters, so they’ll also actively seek to dig and burrow in outside spaces – which includes the potential for escaping under fences! Make sure that they have different ways to channel their hunting energy, such as digging box toys, to avoid any great escapes.

Mini Dachshunds are Known for Separation Anxiety

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Dogs Trust explains that separation anxiety can happen for many reasons, but most commonly, dogs have never been taught that it’s okay to be left alone. Therefore, it’s important to teach a breed such as the mini dachshund as early as possible so that they can be safe and happy while you’re out.

There Are Safety Concerns Due to Their Small Size

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Another important thing to know is that there are so many safety concerns with such a tiny breed that you’ll need to supervise them extensively. This includes watching them around small children who may accidentally injure them and stopping them from climbing the stairs, as this could strain their back.

They’re Very Sensitive to Extreme Temperatures

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Mini Dachshunds are also very sensitive to extreme temperature changes, which means you’ll need to prepare your home for the seasons. They’ll need to be kept extra warm in the winter and extra cool in the summer, and they’ll need a comfortable bed that can easily be stripped or changed as needed.

Mini Dachshunds Need to be Prepared For Safe Travel

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Additionally, if you travel frequently, you’ll need to prepare a safe way to take your mini dachshunds along with you, including a secure dog seatbelt or a comfortable car carrier. Since they are prone to anxiety, it’s also helpful to bring a familiar toy to keep them calm.

They’ll Need Lots of Bonding Time

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It’s also important to know that choosing a mini dachshund means choosing a breed that’s going to want a lot of bonding time, including regular play, cuddling, training, and a solid routine. This means that this breed is only suitable for those looking for a hands-on dog.

They Have a Huge Personality

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One final thing to note before getting a mini dachshund is that their small size doesn’t mean a small personality! These dogs are known for their charisma, and with a life expectancy of 12-16 years, according to the American Kennel Club, you’ll have that high-energy personality for many years to come!

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