18 Things the Bible Says About Angels

Written By Babatunde Sanni

Angels play a pivotal role in the Bible, carrying out God’s will across the earth and appearing in various forms, either to provide guidance or even bring wrath on transgressors. Today, we provide 18 things the Bible has to say about them.

Messengers of God

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In the Bible, we often see angels described as messengers of God. In fact, the word “angel,” according to Nxtbook, comes from the Greek word “angelos,” which directly translates to “messenger.” We saw them play this role perfectly when the angel Gabriel delivered the message of Jesus’s arrival to Mary.

Protectors of the Faithful

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Psalm 91, verses 11 and 12, as read from Bible Gateway, describes how God will send His angels to protect His people to the extent that even stones on the ground won’t hurt them. Angels are guardians that, by the will of God, protect the faithful from any harm that comes their way.

Spiritual Warriors

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In battles against the forces of evil, angels play a crucial role, as documented in the Book of Revelations, where the Archangel Michael leads the army of God against Satan’s forces. Additionally, the Bible includes stories showing how angels aided believing armies against foes, such as in 2 Kings 19, highlighting their role as divine protectors.

Worshippers of God

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Angels are described as beings who worship God continuously. In the Book of Isaiah, for instance, seraphim angels are seen praising God, saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.” This demonstrates their unending devotion and reverence towards God.

Guides for the Lost

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In the story of Hagar in Genesis, an angel finds her in the desert and guides her back to safety. This means that they also serve as divine guides, providing direction and clarity to those who are lost. Angels often illuminate the path forward, offering comfort and wisdom in times of uncertainty and playing a crucial role in our spiritual journey.

Heralds of Important Events

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Significant events in the Bible are often announced by angels, and here, we’ve seen instances where they appear to shepherds to proclaim the birth of Jesus and to the women at the tomb to announce His resurrection. These appearances underscore their role in heralding significant milestone moments in God’s divine plan.

Instruments of God’s Judgment

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The Bible also depicts angels as instruments of God’s judgment. And demonstrating their role in executing divine punishment, in the Book of Exodus, for instance, we read that an angel brings the final plague upon Egypt. This aspect also shows that they hold certain powers and authority over human affairs and are under God’s command.

Agents of Healing

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In the Gospel of John, an angel is described as stirring the waters of the Pool of Bethesda, where people believed they could be healed. This undoubtedly shows their connection with divine healing, as well as how they bring not just physical recovery but also spiritual and emotional comfort to ensure our well-being.

Bearers of God’s Presence

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Angels bear the presence of God wherever they go, and when they appear, their presence often signifies that God is near. This is evident in the story of Moses and the burning bush, where, alongside God Himself, an angel of the Lord appears as a prior indicator of His holy presence.

Symbols of Purity

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Often seen as symbols of purity and holiness too, angels are described in the Bible with bright, radiant appearances that emphasize their sinless nature. The angelic beings seen by Daniel are depicted with faces like lightning and clothing white as snow, embodying purity.

Witnesses of Human Actions

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Angels are depicted as witnesses to human actions, observing and recording deeds, and an example of this is seen in the Book of Daniel. This, and other scenarios like it in the Bible, suggests that they play a crucial, persistent role in monitoring and recording human behavior, understandably for fair judgment in this world and the afterlife.

Guardians of the Throne of God

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Certain angels, like the cherubim, are also depicted as guardians of God’s throne. For instance, we learn from the Bible Project that, in the Book of Ezekiel, cherubim are seen resting on the throne of God, protecting His holy presence and serving as symbols of His majesty.

Figures in End Times Prophecies

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Angels also feature prominently in end-of-time prophecies. The Book of Revelation describes angels sounding trumpets to announce significant events and judgments during the apocalypse, and their involvement in these prophecies highlights their importance in God’s final plan for man’s life on Earth.

Bearers of Comfort

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In the Garden of Gethsemane, an angel appears to strengthen Jesus during His agony before the crucifixion. Through this, we learn that angels also provide comfort to those in distress and have a role in offering solace during times of great suffering.

Agents of Deliverance

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Angels act as agents of deliverance, rescuing believers from peril. An example of this can be read in the Book of Acts, where an angel frees Peter from prison, leading him to safety. This intervention illustrates the role of angels in delivering God’s people from difficult situations caused by both internal and external factors.

Ministers to Jesus

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Angels also minister to Jesus at crucial moments in His life. As contained in Bible Hub’s Matthew 4:11, after Jesus fasted for forty days and resisted the devil, angels came and ministered to Him, providing comfort and support for both His physical and spiritual needs.

Figures of Mystery

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Often appearing as figures of mystery, angels have their full nature and purposes known only to God. While the Bible provides glimpses into their roles and activities, it leaves many aspects of their existence shrouded in mystery, inviting awe and contemplation.

Examples of Obedience

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Angels also exemplify perfect obedience to God, carrying out His commands without question and serving as models of how believers are to respond to God’s will. This unwavering obedience is demonstrated throughout the Bible and is the foundational virtue on which all other qualities are built.

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