19 Things in Your Garage You Should Get Rid of Immediately

Written By Jill Taylor

Garages often end up packed with stuff we don’t need anymore, and by clearing it out, you can free up space and make life less stressful. Here are 19 things you should get rid of now to take back your garage.

Broken Tools

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As you clean out your garage, you may ask yourself why you kept hold of broken tools. All they do is take up space, as they aren’t useful anymore. If they can’t be fixed, it’s time to get rid of them, and Bob Vila advises doing so by heading to the recycling center or contacting the manufacturer.

Old Paint Cans

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If there’s one thing you should always throw out, it’s old paint cans, as they can dry out or leak, creating a mess in your garage. It can also be hazardous to keep them around for too long, thanks to all the chemicals in paint.

Expired Chemicals

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Make sure you remove any old chemicals, like pesticides and cleaning products, which can get risky as they age. It’s important to get rid of them safely to protect your health and the environment. Always check expiration dates and throw out anything that’s expired to free up space and make your garage safer.

Unused Sports Equipment

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Got old sports gear collecting dust? It’s time to donate, recycle, or resell. Keeping stuff you don’t use just clutters up your garage. Clearing out unused equipment will free up some space and you may even earn some money from it. Sell unused equipment online or at a garage sale.

Broken Electronics

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We’re all guilty of keeping hold of broken devices because we were too lazy to recycle them. Old, broken electronics usually pile up in garages, taking up much-needed space. They also contain harmful materials, so you should recycle them properly and protect the environment.

Rusty Nails and Screws

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Of course, old, rusty nails and screws aren’t just useless but can be hazardous too. They can cause injuries if left around, especially if you have young children or pets. To keep your garage safe and tidy, make sure to get rid of them and properly organize any new ones.

Outdated Holiday Decorations

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You should make sure to get rid of old or broken holiday decorations; you don’t need them anymore if you have new ones. They take up too much space and are a pain to store. Just thinking of all those tangled lights is enough to cause a headache.

Worn-Out Tires

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One thing that’s especially important to get rid of is old, unsafe tires in your garage. They take up space and could even cause a fire, making them extremely hazardous. Instead, recycle them at a designated facility to not only free up room but also to stay safe.

Deflated Balls

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As you walk into your garage, you may ask yourself why you even kept hold of old, deflated sports balls. If you can’t pump them back up or don’t need them anymore, it’s best to toss them, as they’re absolutely no use to you.

Outgrown Children’s Toys

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If your kids have grown up, then the chances are they aren’t playing with certain toys anymore, so you should donate or toss them. Keeping hold of them just creates clutter and takes up space that could be used for other stuff. Make things simpler and clear up storage by getting rid of these unused items.

Old Magazines and Newspapers

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You don’t need stacks of old magazines and newspapers that you no longer read or haven’t even looked at in years. Having these in your garage can attract pests and create fire hazards. These items often pile up unnoticed in garages. Recycle them to clear space and reduce potential risks.

Spare Parts for Long-Gone Items

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As you sort through your garage, you probably notice that you still have parts for items you no longer own. Spare parts for these items are just taking up space, so make sure to throw them out. It’s easy to forget about these parts once the original item is gone.

Empty Cardboard Boxes

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One easy way to declutter your garage is by removing any empty cardboard boxes as these often accumulate in garages, taking up space and collecting dust. Unless you have an immediate use for them, it’s best to recycle these boxes. Clearing them out creates more room for essential items.

Old Furniture

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There’s no point in keeping any old furniture in your garage, as it’s no longer useful and should therefore be donated or discarded. These pieces can take up significant amount of space in your garage. Free up this space by removing furniture you no longer need.

Broken Lawn Equipment

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You don’t need to keep hold of anything broken in your garage and this includes lawn equipment that’s beyond repair. Keeping it only adds to clutter and takes up valuable space where you could store something more useful. Dispose of these items properly to maintain an organized garage.

Unused Gardening Supplies

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If your gardening hobby has dwindled, then any unused supplies can create unnecessary clutter. If you have items you haven’t touched in years, it’s time to consider getting rid of them. You can donate or discard these supplies to keep your garage tidy.

Old Workout Gear

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If you’ve changed how you exercise and no longer use your workout gear or have newer equipment, then anything you no longer use should be cleared out. These items can take up a lot of space and create a disorganized look. Donate or recycle old gear to make room for other activities.

Outdated Manuals and Warranties

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We can forget about things such as outdated manuals and warranties for items we no longer own and now they’re most likely just adding to the clutter. These papers can be recycled or shredded to free up space. Keeping only current documents simplifies your storage.

Duplicate Items

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Don’t feel like you have to keep hold of duplicate items you rarely use, as they can take up unnecessary space in your garage. Evaluate your belongings and keep only what you need. Clearing out duplicates helps maintain an organized and efficient storage area.

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