17 of The Most Common Pets People Regret Buying

Written By Jill Taylor

Choosing the wrong pet can be a decision that negatively impacts both your and your pet’s life for many years to come. It’s important to do your research on a new pet to ensure that it will fit into your lifestyle. Here are 17 pets that people often regret getting.

Giant Dog Breeds

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Many new dog owners make the mistake of choosing large dog breeds because they believe they’ll be better guard dogs or even look more impressive than smaller breeds. Yet giant dog breeds require extensive exercise, result in a high food bill, and, sadly, have shorter lifespans.


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Parrots can seem like the number one choice if you’re looking for an exciting feathered friend, yet many people don’t realize that they have incredibly long lifespans. Certain parrots can live 50-70 years, according to The Spruce Pets, meaning they often outlive their owners. They’re also extremely loud, which can be challenging.

Saltwater Fish

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Fish can often seem like the perfect choice for a low-maintenance pet around the home. Yet saltwater aquarium fish require a lot of investment and maintenance. They need very precise tank conditions and are much more sensitive to any changes compared to freshwater fish.


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From a distance, ferrets seem like cute and cuddly pets, yet they have a natural off-putting odor that can permeate the home. They’re also known for being nippy, as well as needing a complex diet and supervision to avoid chewing things. All of this can result in a high-maintenance pet many people regret choosing.


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Scales can be a popular alternative to fur for many people, yet most new owners don’t realize the amount of maintenance required. Pets like iguanas need very specific temperatures and humidity settings in their tank. They also often eat live animals as food, a fact that can put off many owners.

Sugar Gliders

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Sugar gliders have grown in popularity as pets, yet they can be very demanding. Based on their social needs, they require a lot of attention, which isn’t ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle. They also have complex dietary requirements that can be difficult to organize from regular pet stores.

Tiny Dog Breeds

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Teacup dog breeds are popular for their ease of movement and suitability for smaller homes. Yet many people don’t realize that they can get injuries more easily and are more prone to a number of health problems. Forbes explains that many mini dog breeds are at higher risk of health issues such as diabetes in their later years.

Miniature Pigs

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Miniature pigs are another tiny breed that many people have caught onto due to their cute nature. Yet it’s a common misunderstanding that they’ll stay small forever! They’re very intelligent animals, too, which means they can become destructive if you don’t keep on top of their stimulation.


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Hedgehogs, as alternative pet choices, can clash with your routine thanks to their nocturnal nature. A daily schedule for owners definitely isn’t suited to this creature. They also require very gentle handling, and finding a vet who specializes in hedgehog care can be problematic.

Bengal Cats

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Bengal cats have become popular feline choices thanks to their exotic nature. However, their high energy levels can be demanding for most owners. Without proper exercise, they will become destructive. They’re also known for being extremely vocal.

Burmese Pythons

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Burmese pythons are popular choices if you want a snake as a pet, but a lot of people aren’t aware of just how big they can grow. According to Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Burmese pythons have been known to reach lengths of over 15 feet. They also require large prey for their diet.


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Chinchillas may seem like an easy-to-care-for small animal, but they’re very sensitive to temperature. Keeping their environment in the ideal cool setting can be tricky. They’re also most active at night, which can be disruptive to owners trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Koi Fish

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Koi fish are very attractive choices for garden ponds, but many people don’t realize the level of maintenance required for these conditions. They need constant upkeep and a large water space, as well as protection from predators like cats. All of this can lead to expensive purchases and demanding care.


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The Herald reports that Game of Thrones’ popularity resulted in a surge of people wanting their own direwolves. Yet new dog owners don’t realize the demands of this breed. Thanks to their wild nature, they can be difficult to train and require a massive amount of physical and mental stimulation.


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Fluffy-tailed rabbits can be difficult pets to keep if you don’t do your research. Rabbits need lots of space, which can be problematic for those with smaller homes. Their huts and environment must be well maintained and they also have specific dietary requirements to sustain.

Arctic Foxes

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Thanks to their wild nature, Arctic foxes are extremely difficult to train, making them not ideal as domesticated pets. Those looking to keep them as such will struggle with their challenging needs, which include a cold environment. Their ownership also comes with strict regulations, which can be difficult to manage.


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Finally, the last on our list of most common pets people regret might surprise you: the hamster! Although they may seem tiny and easy to manage, hamsters are nocturnal creatures. This means many owners struggle with managing them during the day around their own routine and end up being disturbed at night.

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