17 Sweet and Surprising Facts About Baby Cows

Written By Jill Taylor

Baby cows, known more commonly as calves, are some of the cutest creatures around. But there’s more to your farmyard friend than just a being pretty face! Here are 17 interesting facts about these adorable animals that might surprise you.

Calves Can Walk Shortly After Birth

Photo Credit: Aleksandar Malivuk/Shutterstock

A report by the National Institutes of Health shows that calves are able to start walking within just an hour of birth, which is quite remarkable. This allows them to quickly start nursing and stay close to their mothers for protection from day one.

Calves Have a Special Diet

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In their early days, calves mainly consume colostrum. This is nutrient-rich milk from their mothers, and it provides the calves with essential antibodies that help to build their immune systems. After that, the calves transition to regular milk, and eventually, they start grazing.

Calves Are Naturally Curious

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You’ll often see baby cows showing a high level of curiosity about their surroundings. They really are amazed about the world around them and enthusiastic to find out more about it! This curiosity helps their learning and social development, which is both intelligent and adorable.

Calves Form Strong Social Bonds

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Baby cows are some of the most social young animals. They clearly want to communicate and play with other calves and older cows, which helps them learn important behaviors and have fun!

Calves Are Weaned at a Certain Age

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Weaning is the process of moving a calf from a diet based on milk to solid foods. It typically occurs when calves are around six to eight months old, as this is the critical point for their development and independence that allows them to do this.

Calves Are Vulnerable to Predators

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According to Beef Magazine, young calves can be vulnerable to predators, with free and four-year-old calves most at risk. Sadly, their size and inexperience mean that they’re unable to escape or defend themselves as easily, which is why they rely on the herd so much for protection.

Calves Have a Distinct Appearance

Photo Credit: Kitreel/Shutterstock

Baby cows are easily recognizable by their soft fur and endearing features. They’re definitely among the cutest of animals on the farm! So, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular to have at farm shows. Kids and adults alike love them to bits.

Calves Communicate With Their Mothers

Photo Credit: Valentina De Menego/Shutterstock

Believe it or not, calves are in constant communication with their mothers to find out all kinds of important information. This helps them express their emotions and needs and strengthens their bond with their mothers in general.

Calves Have Unique Vocalizations

Photo Credit: Diane Kuhl/Shutterstock

On the subject of communication, cows have their own language that they use to communicate with one another. Calves have a set of unique vocalizations that they can use to communicate things to their mothers, and the mothers can then reply in the same way.

Calves Have the Softest Fur

Photo Credit: Kitreel/Shutterstock

The fur of a calf is incredibly soft from the day it’s born. Not only does this make them irresistibly cuddly, but the fluffy coat provides warmth and protection to the animal. Touching a calf’s velvety fur is a real dream for anyone lucky enough to do so.

Calves Require Regular Veterinary Care

Photo Credit: Budimir Jevtic/Shutterstock

If you’re ever planning on owning a calf, it’s important to understand that it might cost you quite a lot in vet fees. These animals need regular checkups to maintain their health, and the checkups include vaccinations and other treatments.

Calves Experience Growth Spurts

Photo Credit: izikMD/Shutterstock

For the first few months of their lives, calves grow at a rapid pace. They need a lot of feeding and care from their mothers to sustain that level of growth in a healthy way.

Calves Have Distinct Personalities

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Schwartz/Shutterstock

Animals Australia tells us that ‘no two cows are the same’ because each has a very specific set of personality traits. Some may be more curious and adventurous, while others are shy and reserved. This helps us humans provide them with the right care.

Calves Need a Comfortable Living Environment

Photo Credit: Ben Schonewille/Shutterstock

Providing a safe and comfortable habitat is crucial for calf development. Calves can become stressed quite easily, so they need certain things to feel relaxed. These can include special hutches and pens designed to meet their needs.

Calves Mimic Adult Cows

Photo Credit: Rhian Mai Hubbart/Shutterstock

Part of the calves’ development process is mimicking their mothers. This allows them to learn how to communicate, graze, and do all kinds of other important things in their lives, and it’s super cute to watch them do this.

Some People Keep Baby Cows as Pets

Photo Credit: anakondasp/Shutterstock

There are quite a few people around the world with pet calves. However, we only recommend considering this for yourself if you have a lot of knowledge of the species. The RSPCA says it’s very difficult to care for cattle properly if you don’t have that.

Calves Symbolize New Beginnings

Photo Credit: Olga Rudchenko/Shutterstock

The birth of a calf is often seen as a symbol of renewal and hope. This symbolism is deeply rooted in agricultural traditions as well as religious ones, such as Easter. Plus, the healthier the cattle, the healthier the farm in general, so it represents good news all around.

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