Year-Long Quest Ends in Joy: Las Vegas Rescuer Reunites Cat with Her Newborn Kittens

rescuer reunites cat with kittens

After nearly a year of persistent searching, a dedicated TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer from Las Vegas, named Kymmi, finally succeeded in locating a feral cat she had encountered previously. This reunion was not just with the elusive cat, but also with her new litter of kittens.

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Kymmi’s journey began a year ago near an electric company, where she first discovered three kittens with eye deformities in dire need of medical attention. She managed to rescue these kittens in time, but their mother remained out of reach. Despite the challenges, Kymmi and the kittens persevered, and the kittens gradually recovered under her careful supervision.

Determined to find the mother cat and help other street cats in the area, Kymmi returned to the neighborhood repeatedly. Nikki Martinez, a foster mom to the three kittens, recounted how Kymmi tirelessly tried to trap the mother cat, but to no avail. However, Kymmi’s dedication never faltered.

feral cat tnr

The breakthrough came 10 days ago when Kymmi received a call from a local business owner, who had been keeping an eye on the community cats, informing her that the mother cat had returned with new kittens. Kymmi, along with Nikki, immediately set out with a drop trap, luring the mother cat with treats. Their year-long effort finally paid off as they safely captured her.

cat mom nursing kitten

The rescue mission continued as they discovered the new kittens hidden in dense bushes. Nikki called her sister Cordy for assistance, and together they carefully extracted four kittens, ensuring none were left behind.

The mother cat, now safe and reunited with her litter, was provided a comfortable nest at Kymmi’s home. She remains protective of her kittens and is not keen on human interaction, but she appreciates the food and shelter provided. This rescue means she won’t have to endure another pregnancy or struggle to care for her kittens on the streets.

foster kitten

The kittens, named Tesla, Volta, Faraday, and Franklin, are thriving in their new environment. They enjoy playing and exploring their playpen, bringing joy and liveliness to their new home.

This heartwarming story of perseverance and compassion highlights the dedication of TNR rescuers and the importance of community support in caring for feral cats. You can follow the updates on this little family and Kymmi’s other fosters on her Instagram page.

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