20 Reasons Why American Bulldogs Are So Popular

Written By Jill Taylor

Although the British Bulldog’s flat muzzle and stocky body might be more iconic, it’s clear that the American Bulldog has captured people’s hearts. So many families across the U.S. now have one as a pet. These are 20 reasons why many people have fallen head over heels for the American Bulldog.

They’re Loyal Companions

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Many dog breeds are loyal, but The Spruce Pets states that “with an American bulldog as a pet, you can expect ultimate loyalty, strength, and friendliness.” They will quickly bond with their families and become protective over their owners, showing unrivaled levels of loyalty.

They Have a Protective Nature

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With loyalty, protective instincts naturally follow, and the American Bulldog is no exception to this. They’re always alert and make excellent watchdogs for your home, and their intimidating appearance can deter potential intruders. An American Bulldog will always watch your back.

They’re Great With Families

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Their protective nature doesn’t mean that they’re unsuitable for family life. On the contrary, American Bulldogs can thrive in households with children, as they’re affectionate and gentle. They can be very tolerant and patient with kids, making them great playmates as long as they’re supervised.

They Can Live Anywhere

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No matter if you live in the city or a more rural environment, the American Bulldog will happily live by your side. They can even adapt to life in an apartment as long as they still get enough exercise. Moving house also isn’t an issue, as they can easily adapt to changes.

They Have High Energy Levels

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You’ll have to keep the American Bulldog’s high energy levels in mind if you want to have one in your home. They need to be given regular exercise – and a lot of it – to keep them happy and healthy. A bored American Bulldog could develop unwanted behaviors like excessive barking or chewing.

They’re Intelligent And Trainable

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Luckily, their intelligence means that exercise doesn’t have to be the same every day. They’re quick learners who love training sessions and can be taught complex commands and tricks, and they respond best to positive reinforcement techniques. Every day can be an exciting new journey when you’re training an American Bulldog!

They’re Easy To Groom

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As you might expect from their short coats, an American Bulldog doesn’t need much grooming. Regular brushing and a bath every now and then will keep them clean and healthy, and you’ll be happy to hear that they only shed a moderate amount, which isn’t too difficult to keep on top of.

They Have a Strong Work Ethic

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Originally, American bulldogs were used on farms as working dogs to guard livestock. Even though they’re more often seen as pet dogs now, the breed is still diligent and hardworking. Your American Bulldog will love being given a task or role, especially one that needs some determination and endurance.

They Have Excellent Health

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The American Kennel Club considers American Bulldogs to be “a healthy breed,” and they’re usually suggested to be healthier than their British Bulldog counterparts. This is because they have longer muzzles, so they don’t tend to experience the same breathing issues. They can live for up to 15 years when looked after properly.

They Have an Affectionate And Loving Nature

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Of course, nearly everyone wants a dog that will be affectionate and loving towards them. Luckily, the American Bulldog is fully capable of providing that to its families. They love cuddles and spending time with their owners. They’re friendly and enjoy both giving and receiving affection.

They’re Good Travel Companions

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Their adaptable nature and curious personalities mean that an American Bulldog might enjoy a road trip or other adventure just as much as you do. Compared to other dogs, they’re generally calmer when discovering new environments and can adapt to different ways of traveling, too, from cars to trains and even planes.

They’re Social And Friendly

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American Bulldogs that have been socialized early and properly will generally be well-mannered when interacting with other dogs. They’re friendly when meeting new animals and can really enjoy taking the time to get to know others. Of course, they also enjoy socializing with their families too.

They’re a Resilient Breed

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There’s not much that can get an American Bulldog down. They’re tough and have been bred to withstand harsh conditions, so they can adapt to different climates and types of weather with ease. This is likely due to their background as working farm dogs.

They’re Always Eager To Please

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American Bulldogs are a dog breed that is always eager to please, making their training quite rewarding. They thrive on praise from their owners and can learn house rules and commands quite easily and quickly. Being involved in a family’s routine also helps them.

They’re Canine Athletes

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As athletic dogs, American Bulldogs excel at a number of dog sports. Britannica notes that some common canine sports include “agility” and “obedience and rally,” both of which American Bulldogs can excel at when trained well.

They’re Not Scared Easily

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An American Bulldog is unlikely to be frightened by much, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a courageous companion in your home. They’re not easily intimidated, so if they’re watching over your house or family, then you know that you’re in safe paws.

They’re Playful And Fun-Loving

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But an American Bulldog won’t just sit still guarding your house all day. They love to play and have fun as well and will enjoy games, toys, and any sort of interactive playtime. Their playful spirits are infectious and can lighten the mood of any household.

They Love The Outdoors

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Active owners who like to get out of the house and go on adventures or who enjoy hiking or running will love an American Bulldog. Put simply, there’s no challenge that your American Bulldog will back down from with you by their side. They absolutely love racing through the outside world with their owners.

They’re Fairly Easy To Look After

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American Bulldogs will adapt to your routine, so they can easily become an effortless addition to the family. Apart from their exercise needs, which can match with the normal routines of an already active family, they’re quite low-maintenance pets. Their grooming is simple, and their health is usually quite good, too.

They’re Pop Culture Icons

Photo Credit: PStojcevski/Shutterstock

Finally, one more reason why American Bulldogs have become so popular is that they can be seen in a lot of pop culture. Purina suggests that “probably the most famous fictional American Bulldogs are Spike and Tyke from the popular Tom and Jerry franchise.” They’ve populated our TV screens – and our hearts.

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