18 Reasons Raising Backyard Chickens Is Awesome

Written By Jill Taylor

Anyone who’s kept chickens can tell you that raising them in your own yard offers numerous benefits. The idea of having fresh, delicious eggs on a regular basis is enough to entice many people, but there are several other great advantages you may not have considered. If you need a little more persuading, keep reading to discover these 18 compelling reasons why keeping backyard chickens is a fantastic idea.

Fresh Eggs

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We think the best thing about backyard chickens is that they provide a consistent supply of fresh, nutritious eggs. According to a study by Marcia M. English, free-range eggs are generally lower in saturated fat and higher in “good” fats. The taste and quality of home-laid eggs are also usually much better than store-bought ones, and you can rest easy knowing that they come from healthy, happy chickens raised with love.

Pest Control

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You may not have known this, but chickens make great natural pest controllers. They love to forage for insects, which helps to get rid of pesky pests like ticks, beetles, and grasshoppers that may be in your yard. It’s a well-known fact that pesticides can be pretty harmful, so this is a great way to cut down your use of them and maintain a healthier garden.

Garden Fertilizer

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Another wonderful thing about chickens is that their manure makes excellent fertilizer. It’s rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which all work together to enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth. So if you love the idea of a lush, healthy garden that’s full of life, you may want to consider composting your own chicken manure.

Educational Opportunities

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Raising chickens provides valuable educational experiences. Children and adults alike can learn about animal husbandry, biology, and sustainable living. Caring for chickens teaches responsibility and offers hands-on learning that can be both fun and informative for the whole family.

Stress Relief

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If you’ve visited a local farm, you might know that spending time with chickens is actually surprisingly relaxing. Watching their funny behaviors and listening to their gentle clucks can really help reduce stress and anxiety. Taking care of these birds and simply enjoying their company offers a peaceful escape from the daily grind.


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Most people don’t consider chickens to be the best human companions, but they can actually be surprisingly affectionate and social. They often bond with their owners and enjoy human interaction. This companionship can be very rewarding, offering emotional benefits and a unique connection that enriches your daily life.

Sustainable Living

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You should definitely consider raising chickens if you’re interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. They recycle kitchen scraps into valuable fertilizer and provide a renewable source of food. By embracing this small-scale farming practice, you can support sustainable living and reduce your overall environmental impact.

Sense of Community

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The idea that chickens could improve your sense of community may sound like a strange idea, but they can really bring neighbors together. People often share tips, stories, and even eggs, fostering a healthy sense of collaboration and community spirit. Joining local chicken-keeping groups or events can also help you make new friends and build support networks around a shared interest.

Natural Waste Disposal

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Chickens are great at managing kitchen waste, as they’ll gladly eat vegetable scraps, leftovers, and other organic materials, cutting down on household waste. This natural recycling process turns potential waste into nourishment for your chickens and benefits your garden.


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If you’ve spent enough time around them, you’ll know that chickens are endlessly entertaining. Their playful antics, curious nature, and unique personalities make them fun to watch. Whether they’re scratching in the dirt or interacting with each other, chickens offer a source of amusement that can brighten anyone’s day.

Teaching Responsibility

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Taking care of chickens can foster a healthy sense of responsibility. Daily tasks like feeding, cleaning the coop, and collecting eggs teach commitment and time management. These duties can be especially beneficial for kids, helping them develop important life skills.

Healthier Eggs

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It’s a well-known fact that home-raised chickens usually produce healthier (and tastier) eggs. Studies show that backyard eggs often have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins compared to store-bought ones. Knowing what your chickens eat and how they live ensures you get top-quality eggs.

Connection to Nature

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Another great benefit of raising chickens is that it helps you connect more with nature. Watching their behaviors and life cycles can deepen your appreciation for the natural world. This connection fosters a greater understanding and respect for animals and the environment.

Customizable Breeds

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You can customize your flock by choosing different chicken breeds. Some breeds are great for egg production, while others have unique looks or friendly personalities. This variety lets you tailor your chicken-keeping experience to match your preferences.

Low Maintenance

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This may come as a surprise, but chickens are relatively easy to care for. Once their coop is set up, daily routines are straightforward and manageable. They just need food, water, shelter, and some space to roam, making them a practical option for many households.


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Contrary to what some people think, raising chickens can save you money over time. The initial investment in a coop and supplies pays off with a steady supply of fresh eggs. Plus, chickens help reduce grocery bills by providing eggs and organic fertilizer for your garden.

Environmental Benefits

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Did you know that chickens are good for the environment? Their foraging helps control weeds and pests naturally, cutting down on the need for chemicals. By recycling kitchen scraps, chickens also help minimize household waste, making your lifestyle more eco-friendly.


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Keeping chickens helps you become more self-sufficient. Producing your own eggs reduces reliance on store-bought food and boosts food security. This step towards self-sufficiency can be empowering, giving you more control over your food supply and lifestyle choices.

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