18 Nostalgic Foods That Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories

Written By Jill Taylor

We all have foods that have a special place in our hearts and remind us of our childhood. These foods become more than just meals or snacks, holding a treasured memory in every bite. Here are 18 nostalgic foods that instantly transport you back to your childhood.


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It was always a good day when you woke up and got to have Pop-Tarts for breakfast! Pop-Tarts appeared in the 1960s and have been a popular treat ever since. The New York Times says, “today, according to Kellogg’s, billions of Pop-Tarts are sold each year.”

Pizza Bagels

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A tasty combination of bagels and pizza, pizza bagels became a popular quick meal for kids. The simple idea of putting pizza toppings on bagel halves revolutionized snacks in our childhood, and the many possible variations and toppings made pizza bagels the ideal customizable treat.

Fruit Roll-Ups

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Fruit Roll-Ups were another popular snack, often found in our lunch boxes when we were children. Breaking the rule of not playing with your food, these vibrant-coloured, interactive treats were fun and exciting—real fruit and fun rolled up in one!


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Another popular lunch box staple was Lunchables, designed to be the ideal, convenient food for kids at school. Who remembers feeling like a proper architect assembling your own mini meals with Lunchables? These were also great for the parents, as they required minimal effort.


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Dunkaroos were a much-loved snack for kids back in the day! According to Business Insider, “Dunkaroos stopped being sold in the US in 2012,” much to the disappointment of many long-term fans. However, you can once again experience the nostalgia of this snack as it returned to stores in 2020.


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Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs! This iconic, catchy slogan probably still rings in your ears to this day! This nostalgic, tasty comfort food was essential in every household, especially if you were ill. SpaghettiOs seemed to have magical powers to always make you feel better.

Jell-O Pudding Pops

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Famously advertised by Bing Cosby, Jell-O Pudding Pops were a creamy, refreshing sensation, especially popular during summer! These treats probably take you back to the hot summer days of your childhood. Sadly, these pudding pops have been discontinued, so we can’t experience the nostalgia.

Trix Yogurt

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Trix Yogurt was the ideal snack for kids, with its bright colors and flavors, including strawberry, blueberry, and mixed berry. Trix’s mascot, the animated Silly Rabbit, will forever be ingrained in our memories, along with the wonderful taste of this treat!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

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Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, affectionately known as PB&Js, are an incredibly popular snack for a lot of Americans. The Washington Post points out that “shortly after assuming the presidency, George W. Bush ordered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” Everyone loves this nostalgic snack!

Animal Crackers

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Another favorite for kids’ lunches was animal crackers! These crackers, which are shaped like animals and packaged in a unique, circus-themed box, had multiple purposes. They would help kids learn about their animals as well as provide a tasty, crunchy snack!


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The taste of the popular kid’s drink, Kool-Aid, brings back so many childhood memories! Everyone remembers the Kool-Aid Man, a living pitcher of cherry Kool-Aid, who was the official mascot of the drink. This refreshing drink had so many different flavors!

Chef Boyardee

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We eat pasta all the time, but there’s nothing quite like the nostalgic Chef Boyardee pasta! These canned pasta products, especially the iconic Beefaroni and Ravioli, were loved by kids and adults alike, as these kid-friendly pasta meals were quick and easy to make.


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Gushers were one of a kind! Their liquid center brought something new to fruity candy, providing a wonderful burst of flavor with every bite. Luckily, you can still buy these tasty treats, so go grab a pack and travel back in time!

Bubble Tape

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Six feet of gum! What more could you want? Bubble Tape was a novelty gum product that contained a six-foot-long roll of gum. This treat became popular among kids for sharing and trading and somehow never managed to last long despite its size.

Capri Sun

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Capri Sun was, and still is, an iconic drink, with its distinctive packaging setting it apart from other drink brands. YouGov reported that 92% of people have heard of Capri Sun, so I’m sure you all remember drinking one (or many) when you were a kid!

Ring Pops

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Children’s imaginations would run wild with Ring Pops! This iconic, wearable candy wraps up so many nostalgic memories. We all proposed to our childhood crush with one of these at some point when we were kids, right?


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Merely thinking about s’mores brings up childhood memories of making them around a campfire with your family or friends! These snacks were an integral part of camping trips and backyard gatherings. Modern variations like s’mores kits and pre-made s’mores snacks keep the memories alive.

Cereal with Mini Marshmallows

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Who would want plain, boring cereal as a child? Mini marshmallows in cereal transformed breakfast into a treat! Popular cereals with marshmallows included Marshmallow Krispies and Lucky Charms. The joy you would feel when you opened a box of cereal to find marshmallows was like nothing else!

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