18 Life Lessons Jesus Taught Us That Are Still Relevant Today

Written By Jill Taylor

Jesus is described as the Son of God, a preacher, a healer, and a savior, but he was also a teacher. Through his lessons, Jesus taught humanity valuable things about how to live better, holier, and happier lives. Here are 18 of the most important lessons we learned from him.

Be Kind

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Jesus taught his followers the importance of indiscriminate kindness, and his actions spoke louder than words. He healed the sick, forgave sinners, fed the hungry, and defended vulnerable people. Geneva College correctly branded him the perfect biblical role model, and we should all aspire to be as kind as he was.

Have Empathy

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Modern leaders are often accused of lacking empathy for the common man and woman, but not Jesus. His compassion for humanity led him to empathize with people’s feelings, such as when he wept alongside Lazarus’ friends at his graveside. He didn’t mistreat sinners; he empathized with their plight and sought to help.

Be Humble

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God sent Jesus to Earth to live alongside humans and give us a better world. People glorified him, but he was willing to humble himself to the point of being humiliated, tortured, and sentenced to death for our sins. His inspiring humility reminds us not to be haughty or boastful.

Have Faith

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The moral of most of Jesus’ stories was that we should have faith in the almighty God and trust His judgment and plan for the universe. His work led many to convert to Christianity, such as the persecutor Saul, who became Paul the Apostle. Those who had faith in him prospered.

Embrace Difficult Challenges

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Jesus faced many difficult challenges in his time on Earth, but his crucifixion was the hardest. In the Gospel of Luke, before his crucifixion, Jesus begs God to ‘take this cup from me’ because he fears pain and death but ultimately endeavors to do his duty. Even when he was afraid, Jesus persevered.

Care For Others

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Jesus is the Bible’s most poignant healer. The National Library of Medicine calls him ‘the Divine Physician’ because he helped the blind see, the deaf hear, and raised innocents from the dead. Though he could have lived as a king, Christ devoted his life to caring for others, as we all should.

Be Loving

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‘Love thy neighbor’ is one of Christ’s most famous lessons, and for good reason. Everything he did was motivated by love, even when humans sinned against God or each other. In the Gospel of John, Jesus washes his disciples’ feet and teaches them the importance of small acts of kindness.

Show Mercy

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Humans are sometimes quick to condemn people, but Jesus’ actions demonstrated the significance of showing mercy. He saved a woman from being stoned to death for committing adultery, commanding those who had never sinned to ‘throw the first stone.’ His mercy proved his love and set an example we should all follow.

Be Patient

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Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary to eventually die for our sins, so his entire life was characterized by patience. People constantly wanted to hear him speak and learn from what he taught, and he never became frustrated with their curiosity. He regularly explained parables and ensured listeners learned.

Be Vulnerable

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When Christ came to Earth to live as a human, he willingly opened himself up to human emotions, including vulnerability. His kindness and sincerity made him vulnerable to cruelty and violence, instigating his horrific execution, but his vulnerability was a lesson in fearlessly embracing the world and making it better.

Believe In Miracles

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Jesus performed many miracles, inspiring us to search for signs of divine miracles in our lives. The Church of Jesus Christ cites Jesus feeding 5,000 people, saving his disciples from a storm, and rising from the dead as some of his greatest miracles. These miracles teach us the importance of faith.

Challenge Corrupt Authority

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As the epitome of virtue, Jesus fiercely challenged corrupt authority. In the Gospel of Matthew, he proved he was not above anger when he overturned the tables of merchants trading in a temple meant for worshiping God. He also regularly challenged the Pharisees. Corruption is sinful and must be challenged.

Always Persevere

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Before Christ, humanity may have seemed beyond salvation, but Jesus’ presence on Earth changed that. Despite the monumental challenge he faced, Jesus persevered and refused to believe that anybody, even those he criticized, was beyond hope. He persevered until death and was resurrected to signify his success in redeeming humanity.

Avoid Temptation

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Temptation has been a problem since the Garden of Eden; it even came for Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, Christ spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert, being tempted by the Devil and resisting. He set the example of resisting temptation for the greater good, even when things get tough.

Trust Ourselves

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Jesus was put on Earth to do God’s work, so he had to trust himself. His loyalty to his Father, steadfast faith, and extensive knowledge of moral conduct demonstrated how much he trusted his own judgment. As a result, his followers trusted him wholeheartedly and were inspired to do the same with themselves.

Have A Purpose

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Christ’s purpose was to sacrifice himself for the sins of mankind, but he also dedicated his life to spreading the word of Christianity. In the Gospel of John, he refers to himself as ‘the good shepherd’ willing to ‘lay down my life.’ His clear purpose and dedication should inspire us all.

Have Forgiveness

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As he died on the cross, Jesus regarded his tormentors and cried out, ‘Father, forgive them.’ His ability to forgive those who killed him is one of the most essential Christian lessons. Global Ministries explains that God reconciled with humanity through Christ’s selfless sacrifice, which is a lesson we must never forget.

Stand Up For What Is Right

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Above all else, Christ always stood for what was right. His work teaches us how to live faithful, honorable lives, and there’s no room for passivity. Jesus didn’t shy away from challenging what others believed if it meant defending his faith and standing up for what was right, and neither should we.

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