The Heartwarming Tale of Jellybean, the ‘Blep’ Kitten with a Big Personality

jellybean the blep kitten

In a charming Californian yard, a tiny, spirited kitten named Jellybean embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery and growth. Discovered alone and in need of care, Jellybean was rescued by a local resident whose dog found him. Despite his challenging start, Jellybean, a few days old and without his mother or siblings, was about to experience a life-changing adventure.

kitten blep

Jacqueline DeAmor, the founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, responded to a plea for help for the kitten. Adam and Margaux, dedicated foster liaisons from the rescue, eagerly traveled to bring Jellybean into their care. From the moment they met him, Jellybean’s tenacious spirit was evident. He vocalized his presence and determination throughout the journey to his new temporary home.

orphaned kitten

Upon arrival, Jellybean, who was nursing a significant bite wound, received immediate and meticulous care. He was placed in a cozy incubator, given a nourishing meal, and started on antibiotics. Remarkably, within just three days, his wound healed, and Jellybean began to showcase his delightful quirks.

kitten blep

One of Jellybean’s most endearing habits was his “blep” – sticking out his tongue in contentment, especially after feeding. This tiny gesture of satisfaction, often accompanied by him falling asleep with his mouth open, endeared him to everyone around. Initially, Jellybean required hourly syringe feeding due to difficulties in latching, but he relished the attention, often celebrating with his signature “blep.”

As Jellybean grew, his appetite and energy surged. He transitioned to larger meals, gradually weaned off milk, and started exploring his surroundings with newfound vigor. Being a solo kitten, he craved companionship, often snuggling next to his caregivers as they worked, finding comfort under the covers.

happy kitten sleeping

When it was time for Jellybean to find his forever home, his story had already touched many hearts, including that of a former adopter who had been following his journey. This adopter, recognizing Jellybean’s unique personality and charm, knew they were the perfect match. In his new home, Jellybean quickly settled in, displaying his love for screen time and remaining the center of attention.

cute kitten blep

Jellybean’s life, now filled with feline siblings and endless love, continues to be a story of joy and resilience. His “blep,” a constant reminder of his contentment, remains a beloved trait. His foster parents, Adam and Margaux, take pride in watching him thrive from afar, knowing they played a crucial role in his happy ending.

For more heartwarming stories and updates on Jellybean, you can follow him on Instagram @dailydoseofjellybean, and keep up with Adam and Margaux’s foster adventures at @keystonekitties.

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