17 Items That Have Become Too Expensive to Justify

Written By Jill Taylor

The cost of living is rising constantly, and as it does, some items become too expensive to justify buying. We’ve all had to cut back on things to stay afloat, and these 17 are just a few of those that you could let go of.

Child Care

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A study by Yahoo! Finance has shown that people are expecting their childcare costs to rise by some $600 per month in 2024, so hiring a babysitter just isn’t viable anymore. Many parents have cut back on going out as they can’t afford for anyone to look after their kids.


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You might not have thought of the humble potato being affected by the cost-of-living crisis, but it certainly has been. Adverse weather conditions have made it much harder to grow them, so their price on the shelf has shot up recently. It’s not ideal at all.


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Increased production costs due to labor shortages have caused the price per pound of ham to skyrocket in recent years. On top of that, multiple supply chain issues have arisen due to animal diseases. Now might be a good time to go vegan!

Soft Drinks

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Manufacturing costs have also increased in the soda market, so a Coke or Pepsi will cost you a lot more than it would have a few years ago. Sales are down as a result because people can no longer justify the high price.

New Cars and Trucks

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People are still buying just as many cars and trucks as they have done throughout history, but there has been a big change in the types they buy. The new car market has depleted substantially because people can only afford to buy used cars these days. New cars are super expensive and a purchase that most people can’t justify.

Uber Rides

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According to the New York Times, the price of an Uber journey in New York City has risen by more than four times the rate of inflation between 2018 and 2022. As a result, many people are using alternative methods of transport.


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Bird flu and other supply chain issues have caused serious problems for the supply chain of eggs, which has led to a hike in price, no matter where you choose to buy them. The prices have leveled off in recent times, but they’re still high overall.

Dining Out

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Going out for a meal is also much more expensive than it used to be. Increasing costs of ingredients and labor have forced restaurants to update their menu prices, which has put many people off dining out altogether.


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When Airbnb was first released, it was all the rage! People could get better quality accommodation for a lower price than hotels in many parts of the world. But that’s not the case anymore. The price has increased substantially, and comparisons show that hotels are now cheaper again.

Cinema Tickets

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Figures by The Numbers show that cinema tickets are constantly on the rise. Despite a lack of attendance on the screens, those tickets don’t show any sign of coming down in price any time soon. Folks are opting to watch the latest flicks at home instead.


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Paper and printing are more expensive than ever these days, and the magazine industry is suffering as a result. As satisfying as it is to enjoy print media, it’s not necessary to consume magazines this way, as many of them are available online nowadays.

Flour & Sugar

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It’s a shame that baking cakes is becoming so expensive. The prices of flour and sugar have increased so much recently that for many people, home baking is a cost that just cannot be justified anymore.

Medical Supplies

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All of the other items in this article feel somewhat trivial compared to medicinal supplies. Pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing companies have made medicines and other supplies like gloves and masks so expensive to the point where many people feel that some of these items can’t be justified.

Spaghetti & Macaroni

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Basic pasta products such as spaghetti and macaroni have taken a hit recently and now cost a lot more in the supermarket. Cost-effective meal planning isn’t as effective as it used to be, and some people are having to resort to other grains, such as rice instead.

Mortgage Rates

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This isn’t an item, so to speak, but the whole idea of buying a house has been thrown out the window for many U.S. citizens. ABC News says that in October 2023, mortgage rates hit a 23-year high, which is horrible timing considering the cost of everything else at the moment.


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Many different areas in the beer supply chain have risen in price recently, leading to an overall rise in the cost of beer. Breweries themselves are having to pay more for ingredients, the power in the breweries costs more, and the transportation of the beer is pricey, too.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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As mentioned earlier, the prices of ingredients for baking cakes and cookies have risen, which has affected the price of store-made cookies. As a result, many people are finding it hard to justify paying for the sweet treats they truly love.

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