17 Household Essentials You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

Written By Jill Taylor

Inflation has caused the prices of many items to run up, and we’re all looking for ways to save ourselves some money. Thankfully, these 18 items at Dollar Tree will help you cut costs without sacrificing functionality or comfort.

Aluminum Foil

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Aluminum foil is generally cheap, regardless of where you buy it. But since it’s also disposable, costs will build up over time and opting for cheaper options will save you a lot of money. At Dollar Tree, you get to save over 50% on every purchase without having to worry about quality.

Seasonal Decoration

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Dollar Tree also offers bargains on seasonal items, and you’ll find the right mix of what you’re looking for, whatever the holiday is. Of course, the best seasonal decor to buy here is something you expect to use a limited number of times. And compared to Party City, Business Insider says Dollar Tree is the best for Christmas supplies.

Ice Cube Trays

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Quality is never an issue with ice cube trays. You only need containers to help hold and shape your ice, so spending up to $10 on a couple of trays isn’t exactly economical. Head to Dollar Tree to get one for only $1.25 or—even cheaper—a pack of four for the same price.

Disposable Razors

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When you have to worry about quality, reusable razors are best, and Dollar Tree shouldn’t be your go-to online store. However, with disposable razors, there’s barely any difference between the $2.5 products at Amazon or Walmart and their $1.25 counterparts at Dollar Tree.


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Why buy toothbrushes for $5 (and up to $25 with some brands) when a $1.25 piece will do as much of a good job? Remember that your toothpaste and routine determine how clean your teeth are, and ScieceDirect identifies that the most important parts of your toothbrushes are the head and soft bristles—not the grip or design.

Paper Towels

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Disposable paper towels will set you back a considerable amount of money in the long run, and there isn’t really too much difference between a $2 pack and a $10 pack. Hence, improve your cost savings by opting for $1.25 towels at Dollar Tree. Toilet papers fall in the exact same category as these.

Microfiber Towels

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If you want to save even more on cleaning materials, cloth towels are best for you, and what better place to get them than Dollar Tree? You’re using them as rags to clean surfaces anyway, so save yourself some money—over $5 per purchase—by opting for cheaper packs of microfiber cloth.

Gift Bags

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While other stores try to take more money off you because of how important these bags are for the “occasion,” Dollar Tree merchants charge you for exactly what you get. Gift bags are also items that are discarded almost immediately, and the Washington Post shares you can often get three for a quarter of the regular prices you see elsewhere.

Measuring Cups

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The only value you need from measuring cups, whether they’re made from stainless steel or plastic, is that they’re built accurately for your cooking ingredients. With measuring jugs or spoons from Dollar Tree, you get properly marked items at a fraction of the price.

Party Supplies

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If you’re trying to organize a party, Dollar Tree is the best place to go to cart out your supplies. From balloons to red cups and party hats, you get to save as much as 70% on your total purchases. And this is an excellent advantage since most supplies are disposed of right after.

Glass Cups

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Unless you’re looking for fancy antique cups, you’re better off buying your drinkware at Dollar Tree too! And what’s more, you’ll find cheap, $1 wine cups, pilsner glasses, and beer mugs that aren’t designed any different from the expensive alternatives you get at specialty stores.

Cleaning Products

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The pricier branded cleaning products at convenience stores don’t clean any much better than generic alternatives—at least, we learn this from Kent State University research. While making cleaning products yourself saves you the most money, the cheaper options at Dollar Tree ensure you don’t spend too much on them.

Hair Accessories

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Hair ties, pins, and beads come at the best prices at Dollar Tree too. And you don’t have to worry about items like scrunches, where you want elastic materials to be strong and durable, or items like hair clips that you need good-quality springs to come with.


Photo Credit: Chzu/Shutterstock

You also don’t have to go to local stores or eCommerce platforms like Amazon for your plates—and here, we’re talking about disposable paper plates, stainless steel plates, and even ceramic plates. Plates at Dollar Tree come beautifully designed, and you’ll be spoilt with options to choose from for a fraction of their price.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Of course, the dates on calendars are the same, regardless of where you buy them. So, rather than getting your standing calendars, dry-erase calendars, or schedule planners from Amazon or a store near you, the $1.25 pieces at Dollar Tree are cheaper, safe bets. You’ll also have multiple design options.

Storage Containers

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If you need large plastic containers to store your clothes and shoes or small containers to store craft supplies and kitchen ingredients, Dollar Tree offers the right variety. It also sells compartmentalized containers. E-commerce stores are only great options if you need more specialized or sophisticated containers.

Baking Supplies

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Ingredients like food gels, sparkling sugar, and sprinkles can be found at Dollar Tree for up to three times less. This is excellent cost savings if you’re just looking for supplies to spice up your homemade cakes and cookies. Higher-priced branded products are optimal when you’re looking for special-flavored ingredients, especially if it’s for your business.

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