20 Household Appliances You Should Always Switch Off

Written By Jill Taylor

Household appliances can make our lives so much easier, but this convenience comes at a cost. As the price of electricity rises and our bills go up and up, it’s important to use these 20 household devices in moderation and to always switch them off after using them.


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Watching TV might be a part of your daily routine, but it can drain the electricity – and your wallet. ITV and British Gas reported that leaving a television plugged in can cost an extra £24.61 ($30) a year. That’s not even counting the TV’s set-top box, which adds another $29!

Gaming Consoles

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Around half of American households own a gaming console, but few are aware of the hidden costs. Failing to properly manage a system’s power supply can cost consumers about $15 a year. In order to beat rising prices as well as video games, it’s important to switch off a gaming console after playing.


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Dishwashers are great time savers for the average American. However, leaving a dishwasher on standby is bound to rack up a surprise bill of nearly $9 a year. It might seem like a small price to pay for clean dishes, but consumers are better off switching it off and dodging the cost altogether.

Washing Machines

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Washing machines transformed cleaning clothes from a labor-intensive activity to an easy background chore, but what they save in time they might make up for in cost if consumers aren’t careful. Leaving a washing machine on can cost around $6 a year, so remember to switch them off after taking out your clean laundry!

Tumble Dryers

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Drying clothes outside is bound to tempt fate (and rain), while damp clothes can cause mold inside the house. Tumble dryers avoid these problems, but don’t forget to switch them off, otherwise, you’ll be facing a $5 fee at the end of the year that will dampen your mood!

Internet Routers

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It may be hard to believe, but ​​Fortune reports that Americans spend an average of seven hours online each day. This wouldn’t be possible without internet routers, but these useful devices can be hungry for power. Keeping them on standby can cost nearly $24 a year, so bear that in mind while you’re scrolling social media.


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For many home chefs, the microwave is a must-have appliance. Unfortunately, zapping your food comes with hidden costs if you forget to turn off the microwave afterward. If left in standby mode, microwaves can bump up your bills by over $20 a year, so watch out for this unexpected expense.


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Printers might be less popular among younger generations, but they’re still important at home and in the workplace. Forgetting to switch a printer off can result in an annual loss of around $5. Printers aren’t cheap to begin with, so it’s best to keep costs as low as possible by turning them off.

Smart Devices

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Smart devices are meant to make our lives simpler – these futuristic gadgets let us remotely adjust our homes. Sadly, this accessibility comes at a price. Leaving smart devices running can add up to an additional $10 fee, so consumers have to work out whether they’re willing to pay for this extra convenience.


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Computers have become so central to the lives of average Americans that it’s hard to imagine a world without them. However, it’s important to avoid standby mode on those rare occasions when you’re not using a computer. As well as wasting energy, standby can drain your checking account by nearly $15 a year!

Phone Chargers

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According to WCNC, most people spend over 40% of their time looking at screens. It’s no surprise then that our phones need frequent charging. However, it’s really important to unplug chargers once they’ve done their job—otherwise, consumers can end up facing small (but significant) additional costs.


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Showers are essential, but it’s important not to overstay your welcome under the hot water. A single 10-minute shower can cost over $2 – multiply that by 365, and it’s easy to see why reducing time in the shower is the best way to stop your savings from going down the drain!

Hair Straighteners

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Hair care is important, so it’s understandable why people love to use hair straighteners. However, you’re at risk of burning more than your hair if you forget to unplug them. These hot appliances can damage or even destroy your other possessions, so always remember to let them cool off in a safe place.

Coffee Machines

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Many people need a cup of coffee to get started in the morning, but it’s important to know when to quit to avoid caffeine overload. Likewise, it’s important to know when to switch off your coffee machine – not only does standby mode waste power, but it also overstresses the machine’s components, wearing them down.


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There’s one thing worse than burnt toast, and that’s wasting energy. Not only does it contribute to damaging the planet, but it also hurts your wallet. Be sure to unplug your toaster from the wall in between your breakfast slices.


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Blended smoothies are a great way to consume both nutrients and energy, but that doesn’t mean you should let them use too much of the latter. Don’t let the great taste of a smoothie distract you from switching off your blender. Both your body and bank balance will be healthier for it.

Air Fryers

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Air fryers are enjoying a surge in popularity because they make cooking easier and more economical. However, aspiring chefs need to remember that the air fryer does use some power while in standby mode. For those really wanting to cut down on expenses, unplug the air fryer from the wall after use.

Electric Toothbrushes

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Mayo Clinic advises brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day, but make sure to switch off your electric toothbrush once you’re finished. While there’s no risk of overcharging or permanently exhausting the battery, using too much energy is a waste of money.

Laptop Batteries

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While laptop batteries are unlikely to explode if they’re plugged in for too long, overcharging these vital components can damage them. Consumers who don’t want the expense of replacing their laptop batteries should always remember to unplug their devices once they’re fully charged.

Extension Cords

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Extension cords may not seem especially power-hungry, but they pose another risk when left plugged in. Overburdened extension cords are a fire risk, especially when not properly used. Save yourself from a burning house by only using extension cords when you really need them and switching them off when you don’t.

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