21 Home Projects That Make Your Home Look Tacky

Written By Babatunde Sanni

When we take on home improvement tasks, we always want to make our homes look better. But there are some projects that do the complete opposite of this. Here are 21 home improvement projects to avoid so you don’t detract from your home’s aesthetics.

Overly Bold Paint Colors

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Using excessively bold colors for a room can make it feel chaotic and unpleasant to live in. Of course, if you’re choosing colors in rooms for only you, it doesn’t matter. But when you consider visitors or potential buyers, Zillow says that, according to psychology, more subtle colors like dark gray, terracotta brown, and charcoal gray generally look better.

Excessive Use of Wallpaper

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We understand how much personality wallpapers help you add to your space. But using wallpapers (especially those with elaborate designs) on every wall can quickly become overwhelming. You get the best from these when you use them sparingly, as an accent wall, or in very small spaces. Yahoo says completely removing wallpapers is sometimes even better for you.

Fake Architectural Details

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Faux architectural elements in your home, like plastic columns and styrofoam ceiling beams, can also cheapen your home’s perception. They may look good, but anyone who touches them sees that they lack authentic craftsmanship and most likely wouldn’t consider them elegant or sophisticated, due to not being built with genuine materials.

Overly Themed Rooms

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Creating a heavily themed room can make your home look like a stage set rather than a comfortable living space. Themes can quickly become outdated and limit your decorating flexibility. So, instead, incorporate elements of your theme in a subtle, balanced way to keep the room feeling fresh and versatile.

Excessive Knick-Knacks

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A room cluttered with too many knick-knacks and collectibles can look messy and unorganized. Overloading shelves and surfaces with small items detracts from the overall décor. To create a cleaner, more streamlined appearance in your home, it’s always better to choose a few meaningful pieces to display and store the rest.

Carpeted Bathrooms

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Installing carpet in a bathroom is both impractical and visually unappealing. For instance, carpets can easily become damp and harbor mold, creating an unhealthy environment. Choose water-resistant flooring options like tile or vinyl for a cleaner, more sanitary, and more aesthetically pleasing bathroom space.

Popcorn Ceilings

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Popcorn ceilings are a dated design choice that can make a home look older and less appealing. These textured ceilings also come with unnecessary stress, as they collect dust and can be difficult to clean. Removing the popcorn texture and opting for a smooth finish can modernize the look of your home and give you more comfort.

Mismatched Furniture

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According to designers talking to Apartment Therapy, furniture that isn’t coordinated in style, color, or scale can make a room a “visual train wreck”—looking disjointed and unplanned. While eclectic décor can work, it requires a careful balance. Aim for a harmonious mix by considering complementary colors, and also make one or two colors widely dominant in the space.

Cheap Window Treatments

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Installing inexpensive, flimsy window treatments can detract from the overall look of your home. One common mistake people make here is using low-quality blinds or curtains that may not even function well. Investing in high-quality window treatments enhances both the aesthetic and functionality of your windows, creating a more polished appearance.

Fake Plants

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The Sun shares that using artificial plants as décor can also make your home look tacky and unappealing. Unless you’re staging your home for sale, real plants bring more life and freshness to your space, adding natural beauty and even improving air quality. If live plants aren’t an option, choose high-quality, realistic artificial plants to avoid a fake look.

Excessive Use of Granite

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Granite countertops are a popular choice, but using granite excessively throughout the home can become overwhelming. Too much of the same material can make spaces feel monotonous and uninteresting, and this is why you should consider mixing materials and incorporating other natural elements to create a more balanced design.

Outdated Fixtures

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Old, worn-out fixtures can make a home look neglected and out of style, and you can significantly update the look of your space by replacing outdated faucets, light fixtures, and hardware with modern, cohesive designs. Simple changes like these can make a big difference in maintaining a fresh and current home aesthetic.

Cluttered Outdoor Spaces

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An outdoor space filled with too much furniture, décor, or plants can feel chaotic and uninviting. Instead, choose a few key pieces and maintain clear walkways to create a welcoming and functional outdoor space. A well-organized, thoughtfully designed outdoor area enhances the home’s curb appeal and usability.

Neon Lights

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Neon lights may look “cool,” but they can also create a jarring atmosphere in a home for others. This is because of their bright, often harsh glow, which is more suited to commercial spaces than residential ones. Opt for softer, more ambient lighting options that enhance the mood of your home without overwhelming the senses.

Oversized Furniture

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Furniture that is too large for a room can make the space feel cramped and uncomfortable. As it can also disrupt the flow and functionality of the area, it’s always better for you to choose appropriately scaled furniture that fits the room’s dimensions and allows for easy movement.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture

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Plastic outdoor furniture can look cheap and detract from the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Investing in higher-quality materials like wood, metal, or wicker will create a more attractive environment. Quality outdoor furniture also enhances comfort and is more durable, saving you money in the long run.

Inconsistent Flooring

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Consistent flooring materials throughout the home create a cohesive flow and a sense of continuity. Different types of flooring in adjacent rooms, however, can create a disjointed and chaotic look. If these different floorings are necessary, you should use designs that ensure the transition between materials is smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

Overly Personal Décor

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Décor that is too personal or specific can alienate potential buyers and make it difficult to sell your home. While it’s important to add personal touches, striking a balance is key. Choose décor that reflects your personality but also maintains broad appeal, versatility, and easy customization.

Cheap Countertops

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Installing low-quality countertops can significantly detract from the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. This is because cheap materials can scratch, stain, and wear quickly, making the space look run-down in no time. Investing in durable, attractive countertops can enhance the beauty and durability of your home.

DIY Projects Gone Wrong

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Attempting complex tasks without the proper skills or tools often results in subpar finishes and potential safety hazards. And these are issues no one wants to deal with after buying or even when visiting a home. When in doubt, hiring a professional ensures that home improvement projects are completed to a high standard.

Over-the-Top Landscaping

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Overly intricate or excessive features can make maintenance difficult, overwhelm your yard, reduce curb appeal, and even detract from your home’s value. Simple, well-maintained landscaping with a few key focal points can create a more attractive and manageable outdoor space for you, visitors, and potential buyers.

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