Funny Cat Memes: 30 Hilarious and Cute Delights for Your Day

Written By Jill Taylor

If you’re a cat lover or simply in need of a good laugh, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Our collection of hilarious cat memes is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

From mischievous kitties caught in the act to adorably confused furballs, each meme captures the unique and often humorous personality of our beloved feline friends.

So, curl up like your favorite cat and get ready to enjoy a purr-fectly amusing journey through the world of cat memes.

The Eternal Dilemma: Fitness vs. Food

Capturing the all-too-relatable internal debate, this meme shows a cat eyeing a burger, embodying our struggle between choosing a healthy lifestyle and indulging in delicious temptations. It’s the quintessential human conundrum, served up with a side of cute and a sprinkle of humor.

skinny or happy cat meme

Feline Bathroom Assistant

When your cat turns into a purr-sonal bathroom attendant, hilarity ensues. This clever kitty shows that if you’re going to follow human rules, you might as well be adorably helpful!

feline bathroom assistant meme

Pawsitively Elegant Ring Bearer

Dressed to the nines in a dapper bow tie, this cat has taken on the prestigious role of the ring bearer with a touch of feline grace. Ensuring the rings arrive safely and in style, this kitty adds a purr-fectly adorable twist to the wedding procession!

cat ring bearer meme

The Unexpected Canvas: Feline Edition

This meme showcases a white cat dotted with lipstick marks, a testament to an owner’s affectionate reunion with their pet after a night out. The bewildered expression on the cat’s face suggests it might not share the same enthusiasm for such colorful displays of love.

cat lipstick meme

Dramatic Feline Fasting

This meme humorously exaggerates a cat’s melodramatic perspective on meal times, suggesting a near-theatrical level of despair when their food bowl remains empty for just an hour. The cat’s eyes, peering out from a shadowed hiding spot, perfectly capture the mock desperation that every cat owner knows all too well.

dramatic feline fasting meme

Cat Cab: Feline Freight Service

This majestic white cat, perched confidently in a cardboard box, mimics the nonchalant attitude of truck drivers on the open road. There’s no shipment too small for this kitty, as long as it fits in the cozy confines of a box with just the right amount of catitude.

feline freight service meme

Feline Felons and Purr-fect Angels

Elijah, with his newfound affection for belly rubs, has charmed his way to becoming the ‘Nice Cat of the Week.’ Meanwhile, Popsicle, the mischievous munchkin, earns the ‘Naughty Cat of the Week’ title for his snack-stealing escapades from his blind roommate, Daniel.

naughty cat of the week meme

Snooze Nirvana: Cat & Cartoon Crossover

This meme captures the essence of contentment with a cozy cat curled up at the foot of the bed, while happy Homer snoozes blissfully. It’s a playful blend of animation and reality, illustrating that sometimes, happiness is just a warm bed and a furry friend.

happy homer and cat meme

Culinary Catastrophe

The aftermath of a kitty showdown with a container of flour leaves the kitchen looking like a winter wonderland gone wrong. It’s the kind of mess that makes a pet owner fantasize about having a feline face-off, if only to ask their cats what they were thinking.

cats in the flour meme

Kibble Concierge: Your Personal Cat Snack Pack Service

This caring cat takes meal prep to a whole new level, ensuring their human never goes hungry by sneaking kibble into their purse every night. Who needs meal delivery subscriptions when you have a furry feline who moonlights as your thoughtful snack provider?

cat snack service meme

Feline Plus-One at the Pub

When the nightlife calls and your cat is your wingman, you know it’s going to be an interesting evening. This adorable kitty, suited up for a night on the town, is all set to be the center of attention at the local pub.

cat in the pub meme

Oreo Cats: The Purrfect Pairing

These two cats have found their matching cookie counterparts, with one snugly fitting in the ‘Double Stuf’ box and the other in the ‘Regular’ Oreo box. It’s a delightful twist of fate that turns a simple snack into a viral cat meme, much to the internet’s amusement.

oreo cats meme

The Ultimate Husband Checklist: Cat Edition

This meme humorously adds a new, quirky item to the list of endearing things a dream partner would say, highlighting the unexpected but delightful scenario of bringing home an extra cat. It suggests that the ultimate spouse isn’t just supportive and apologetic, but also a fellow cat lover who understands the importance of feline friendship.

ultimate husband checklist meme

Cat Call: The Midnight Doorbell Ring

Caught on camera, this clever cat takes matters into her own paws, activating the Ring doorbell in a plea to be let back inside. With a mix of curiosity and urgency, this feline’s face at 2 AM is a humorous reminder that no cat shall be left behind – or outside.

cat doorbell ring meme

The Fickle Feline Affection Exchange Rate

This meme touches on the humorous and sometimes bittersweet truth about a pet owner’s deep affection for their cat, contrasted with the cat’s more, shall we say, practical love. It captures the heartwarming yet comical realization that while we might be willing to make grand sacrifices for our pets, their love might just hinge on the next tasty treat.

the cat exchange rate meme

Feline Festival: The Purr-ade of Colors

This delightful collage showcases a vibrant cat parade in Amsterdam, with felines decked out in festive costumes and colorful flower garlands. It’s a celebration that brings out the most photogenic kitties, parading their purr-sonal style down the streets with undeniable cattitude and flair.

feline festival meme

When the Cat’s Gift is Too Big to Handle

This humorous meme captures a cat sitting nonchalantly next to a deer on a porch, playing on the classic cat behavior of bringing home unexpected ‘gifts’. The text jokes that the cat might have overestimated its hunting prowess this time, leaving both pet and owner in a bit of a deer dilemma.

cat and big mouse

Relationship Progression: A Tail of Two Kitties

This meme humorously compares the evolution of a romantic relationship to the widening backsides of two cats over time. It playfully suggests that comfort and contentment might just come with a little extra ‘cushion’, much like a couple who’ve grown happily accustomed to each other’s company.

cat relationship progression meme

The Unimpressed Therapy Cats

This meme captures the comically indifferent expressions of cats as their owner confides in them, highlighting the feline specialty of giving zero reassurances. It’s a lighthearted nod to the fact that while pets are great listeners, their faces often say, “I’m just here for the cuddles.”

unimpressed cats meme

Pet Adoption: Canine Caution vs. Feline Fate

This meme humorously contrasts the meticulous preparation some dog owners undergo before adopting a pet with the often spontaneous and serendipitous way cat owners find their feline friends. It pokes fun at the casual, almost accidental, way many cats choose their humans, sometimes turning a surprise encounter into a lifelong companionship.

cat vs dog adoption meme

Frugal Intoxication Tactics

This meme cleverly uses the innocent face of a kitten to convey a humorous reaction to a doctor’s warning about mixing alcohol with medication. The punchline “Oh, so I’m saving money” reflects a mischievous interpretation of the advice, finding a silver lining in the potent effects of alcohol when on certain prescriptions.

frugal intoxication meme


The Purr-fect Local: Bristol’s Feline Tavern

This meme celebrates the heartwarming story of a man whose simple act of opening a pub and welcoming stray cats led to the creation of Bristol’s first cat pub. The establishment is humorously depicted as a haven for both ale enthusiasts and feline friends, where the cats are as much a part of the ambiance as the drinks on tap.

bristols feline tavern

The Economics of Cat Amusement

This meme humorously juxtaposes a cat’s disdain for expensive toys with its inexplicable and deep affection for a simple discarded straw. It captures the quirky and unpredictable nature of cats, who often find joy in the most mundane household items, much to their owners’ bemusement.

cat amusement economics

The Disheveled Debrief

This meme features three frazzled-looking kittens as a humorous metaphor for a group of friends regrouping after a particularly challenging week. Their wild fur and wide-eyed expressions perfectly encapsulate that “just survived a whirlwind” feeling we all know too well.

stressful week

Domestic Cat Training 101

A humorous text exchange reveals a boyfriend’s unique method of feline education by leaving WrestleMania on for the cats. He quirkily suggests that the cats need to watch to learn how to protect their human companions, blending pet care with pro wrestling in an unexpectedly funny way.

wrestling cats

Feline Facetime Frenzy

This meme captures the adorable moment when a cat seems to recognize its owner during a video chat, showing a progression from curiosity to astonishment. The cat’s expressions range from skeptical to a wide-eyed realization, providing a cute and comedic take on technology bridging the pet-human divide.

feline facetime

Dual Birthday Dilemma

A man holds his cat, both sharing skeptical expressions, as they celebrate a joint birthday with a cake humorously prioritizing the cat’s name over the husband’s. The cake icing reads “Happy Birthday Molly” with the husband’s name, Tim, added as an afterthought, highlighting who might be the real star of the household.

happy birthday molly meme

The Purr-isian Celebrity

The meme shows a tweet from a person who, after a trip to Paris, reveals they took more photos of a majestic, fluffy cat they encountered than the typical tourist spots. A reply tweet humorously notes the uniqueness of the cat, suggesting that while the Eiffel Tower is a common sight, this particular feline is a rarer and more noteworthy subject.

paris cat meme

The Evolution of Sauce Cat

This meme juxtaposes two images of a cat with a unique coat pattern that resembles dollops of sauce, showing its growth from “two sauces” as a kitten to “seven sauces” as an adult. The playful comparison uses packets of Chick-fil-A sauce to quantify the increase in the cat’s sauce-like spots, much to the delight of internet cat enthusiasts.

sauce cat meme

Endless Ballad of a Bored Cat

The meme shows a cat with a seemingly unimpressed and overwhelmed expression, humorously captioned to suggest it is listening to the 35th verse of a song written about it. The setting, complete with elegant flowers and a sophisticated blue cocktail, adds to the comedic effect, portraying the cat as a reluctant audience to its owner’s musical tribute.

cat listening to song