17 Facts That Prove German Shepherds Are the Best Breed

Written By Jill Taylor

What’s not to love about German Shepherds? They’re super cute, really intelligent, and make great pets for a start. In fact, there are tons of reasons that show us why German Shepherds are the best breed of dog, so let’s check out 17 of them now.

They’re Intelligent and Trainable

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A BARKPost survey of dog owners found that German Shepherds are the third smartest breed of dog. That’s a super impressive stat! It means that they excel in obedience training and can learn complex tasks, qualities we admire a lot.

They Have Strong Protective Instincts

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German Shepherds are often used as guard dogs, even by the police, so it’s clear that they’re great for protection. They’re very loyal, naturally wary of strangers, and will defend their owners without thinking twice, which makes them great for families or security work.

They’re Versatile Working Dogs

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Being a guard dog isn’t the only thing a German Shepherd is fantastic for. They’re very versatile as working dogs and can perform a multitude of tasks – another benefit of their intelligent and easily trainable nature. This makes them extremely useful in many roles.

They’re Loyal and Devoted Companions

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In addition to being good for protecting people, German shepherds’ loyalty makes them a good breed just for companionship. They can really be great friends, as it’s easy to tell how loyal they are when you spend time with them, which is a fantastic feeling.

German Shepherds Are Excellent Family Pets

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Neater Pets says that German Shepherds will bond with children from a young age, which means that they’ll be perfect as pets. Your child and dog will effectively grow up together, which could be a beautiful thing! Plus, despite their tough appearance, they’re super soft, really.

They’re Very Energetic and Active

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The high energy levels of German Shepherds mean that they require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation if you want to keep one as a pet, but it’s totally worth it. If you’re an active person, they’re great companions for your runs, etc.

They Have a Noble and Regal Appearance

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We also need to talk about how objectively beautiful German Shepherd dogs are. Everyone admires their distinctive, wolf-life appearance! It’s elegant and powerful at the same time, and the muscular build and confident stance of this breed give it extra authority. A powerful creature!

They’re Known for Their Bravery

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The German Shepherd is well known for being brave in the face of danger. It will even risk its own life to protect people, which is another key reason it finds itself in police, military, and rescue operations.

They’re Highly Adaptable

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No matter which environment you want to raise a German Shepherd in, you’ll likely find that it adapts easily. This could be in an urban setting, a rural area, a temperate climate, or the Arctic. They’re super skilled at adjusting to new situations without causing a fuss.

They Have a Keen Sense of Smell

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German Shepherds are often used in roles that require scent detection, like bomb and drug detection, because of their excellent sense of smell. Wag! even names them one of the breeds with the best sense of smell. Their sense of smell also makes them crucial in many search and rescue operations.

German Shepherds Are Social and Friendly

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Despite their tough exterior, German Shepherds are actually one of the most social and friendly dog breeds. You can see in their faces that they love to interact with humans or even other animals in the park, as they tend to thrive in social settings.

They’re Easy to Groom

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You might have thought that grooming a German Shepherd would be a nightmare task, but this is actually not the case. Their double coat isn’t the easiest to groom in the world, but it’s relatively hassle-free compared to many other dog breeds.

They’re Healthy and Robust

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Some larger dogs are in poor health and might die much younger than other species, but this does not tend to be the case with German Shepherds. They actually have a strong genetic makeup that contributes to their overall health, so they can live long and healthy lives when looked after.

They’re Excellent in Obedience Trials

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We’ve looked at the trainability of the German Shepherd already, but there’s a lot to be said about the obedience of the species as well. The fact that this breed performs so well in obedience trials shows us all we need to know about that!

They’re Intuitive and Perceptive

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Another part of the intelligence of German Shepherd dogs is their intuition and perception. They’re very good at sensing the emotions of others, particularly their owners, and are able to respond accordingly. They even display a sense of empathy, which makes them great therapy dogs.

German Shepherds Have a Long and Noble History

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A report by the German Shepherd Dog Club details that the breed’s history dates back around 200 years but really became profound in the 1890s. At this time, Captain Max von Stephanit of the German cavalry popularized the dog, and the name was born.

They Have a Strong Sense of Duty

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The majority of German Shepherds know exactly when they are needed and often exactly what to do as well. It’s clear that when they’re designated a task, they become committed to it, and this makes them very reliable and trustworthy in both home and work settings.

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