20 Facts About Mini Dachshunds Every New Owner Needs to Know

Written By Jill Taylor

Are you considering adopting or buying a Mini Dachshund for your family? They are adorable little dogs, but it’s important to do your research before bringing home your new furry friend. Here are 20 important things to know before you get a Mini Dachshund.

The Breed’s Origins

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You can’t get any deeper in your research than checking out the origins of the Mini Dachshund breed. The Spruce Pets says that the breed’s name means “‘badger dogs’ in German,” and they were bred “with long, low-to-the-ground bodies for their ability to dig into badger dens on hunts.”

Physical Appearance

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Nearly everyone knows what a Mini Dachshund looks like from just the name, but did you know that these long-bodied and short-legged dogs come in three coat varieties? There are smooth, long-haired, and wire-haired Dachshunds. The Mini Dachshund is usually between 8 and 11 pounds and about 5 or 6 inches tall.


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Hunting dogs need to be bold and adventurous, so it’s no surprise that Mini Dachshunds are known for being brave and full of courage. However, this can sometimes lead to them being a bit stubborn. They’re also protective, playful, and nearly always energetic dogs.

Exercise Needs

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Although Mini Dachshunds are small, they still need enough exercise to stay fit and well-mannered. Daily walks and some fun playtime every day will keep them healthy and happy. They also enjoy activities like fetch, scent tracking, and working out puzzle toys.


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Their stubbornness and independence can sometimes make Mini Dachshunds a little difficult to train. However, positive reinforcement and consistent patience will lead to a rewardingly well-trained dog. You’ll also need to socialize Mini Dachshunds with other dogs early to avoid shyness or aggression.


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Like any other dog breed, Mini Dachshunds need a balanced diet with some high-quality dog food in order to thrive. However, this breed is particularly prone to obesity problems, so portion control is something that owners must prioritize. Also, as with any dog, avoid feeding them human food – it can cause digestive problems.


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Mini Dachshunds’ grooming needs depend on whether you have a smooth-coated, long-haired, or wire-haired dog. Smooth-coated dogs should be brushed once a week, long-haired dogs several times a week, and wire-haired dogs should be brushed weekly and stripped (removing dead hairs from their coat) a couple of times per year.

Health Problems

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Unfortunately, as well as having high risks of obesity, Mini Dachshunds commonly experience other health problems, too. PDSA states that both sizes of Dachund may develop “intervertebral disc disease” (due to back issues), and the Mini Dachshund is prone to “heart disease” and “gradual loss of sight over several months or years.”

Living Environment

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Mini Dachshunds are quite adaptable dogs that will be happy in a house or an apartment. Their small size means they don’t need too much space. They enjoy having cozy, safe spaces in the home, like a crate or dog bed, but they aren’t suitable for extreme climates, either cold or hot.

Socializing With Other Pets

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When they’re introduced properly, Mini Dachshunds can get along well with other dogs, but be wary if you have smaller pets. Their hunting background means they have a high prey drive and may chase or show aggression towards smaller animals like cats or rodents.

Bonding With Humans

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A Mini Dachshund will love being your companion. They really enjoy being part of family activities and will bond with their owners easily. This does mean that they can get separation anxiety if left alone for long periods, but their size makes them great playmates for children when supervised.


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During playtime, Mini Dachshunds love interactive toys and games that make them think and tire them out. They might not have quite as much energy as some larger, more boisterous breeds, but they still love a good bit of fun with their owners.


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Surprisingly, a Mini Dachshund might be an amazing watchdog for your home. They’re very vocal, which might not be suitable for all families, and they also have digging instincts, which may lead to backyard damage. However, with good training, excessive barking and digging can be managed.


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The American Kennel Club suggests that Mini Dachshunds have an average lifespan of between “12-16 years.” This can be affected by their individual genetics and whether they experience any health issues, but regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine vet visits should lead to a long life for a Mini Dachshund.

Housebreaking Tips

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Sometimes, housebreaking a Mini Dachshund can be a challenge due to their stubborn and independent personalities, but consistent routines and positive reinforcement can help. Crate training is also an effective method for housebreaking these dogs.

Travel Companions

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As with many other miniature breeds, Mini Dachshunds are small enough to be considered ‘portable’ by most, so they’re good travel companions. As long as they’re in a safe and secure travel crate or harness and they have frequent breaks and access to water on long journeys, they’ll be happy by your side.

Suitable Toys And Accessories

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Due to the Mini Dachshund’s back issues, a harness is usually recommended over a collar for walks to protect their delicate spine. They should also be given durable chew toys and mainly interactive toys that challenge their brain to keep their minds occupied.

Signs of Stress or Anxiety

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A stressed-out Mini Dachshund will bark excessively, chew on everything, and dig up your backyard. Providing your Mini Dachshund with a safe space and maintaining a consistent household routine should lower its stress levels. As soon as you notice these signs, you need to intervene to prevent long-term behavior issues.

How They Bark

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Listening to your new Mini Dachshund is crucial so that you can learn how they communicate. They use different barks to tell you about different things, such as greeting you, alerting you to a stranger, or simply wanting attention. This will also help if you need to do any training for excessive barking.

Pop Culture

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Finally, it’s interesting to look at the many Mini Dachshunds that have shown up in pop culture over the years. Britannica says that “Dachshunds have been the prized pets of Andy Warhol, Queen Victoria, and Joan Crawford.” Today, there might not be a more recognizably shaped dog than the Mini Dachshund.

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