18 Dangerous DIY Projects You Should Never Attempt

Written By Jill Taylor

Doing your own house repairs can be both fulfilling and cost effective, but some are far too dangerous to attempt yourself. Trying to carry out the following projects on your own can lead to property damage or even injury. Here are 18 dangerous DIY projects you should never attempt.

Removing Asbestos

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There are many health risks that come with the removal of asbestos, including severe lung diseases and cancers. For example, GOV UK reports that breathing in high amounts can lead to a lung disease called asbestosis. It’s best to hire professionals to safely remove and dispose of this dangerous material.

Gas Appliance Repair

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You shouldn’t try to repair any gas appliances yourself, as it can lead to devastating gas leaks or explosions. Professionals will ensure that all connections are secure, putting your mind at ease. They also understand the complexities of different gas appliances and are equipped to handle repairs safely to avoid potential dangers.

Electrical Rewiring

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To be able to rewire your electrics, you need a deep understanding of electrical systems and local building codes. If you try rewiring your home without the proper qualifications, it can result in electrical shocks or fires. Hiring a licensed electrician will ensure the work is safely carried out.

Structural Changes

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An expert will be needed to make any structural changes to your home, such as removing load-bearing walls. If work is done incorrectly, then your home could collapse and potentially put lives at risk. Qualified contractors should always be consulted to assess and carry out any alterations to your home.

Roof Replacement

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Due to the height and skills involved, replacing a roof is a high-risk project. Professional roofers are trained to work safely and have the necessary equipment to prevent falls. They ensure that the roof is properly installed, waterproof, and structurally sound, safeguarding your home against weather-related damages.

Tree Removal

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You should never try to remove trees yourself, as it requires precise cutting techniques. Professionals have the right tools to safely remove any trees without damaging surrounding property or causing injury. This task often involves working at heights, making it even more dangerous if you’re untrained.

Installing Skylights

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To install skylights, you need to cut through the roof. If this isn’t done correctly, it can compromise its structural integrity and lead to leaks. Professionals ensure that the installation does not affect the roof’s durability and will stay sealed against weather conditions. Not only is this safer, but it also means a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Repairing Chimneys

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It isn’t easy to repair a chimney. It’s a complex task that involves working at significant heights and requires specific skills in masonry and ventilation systems. Professional chimney repair services ensure that the structure is safe to use by preventing chimney fires and reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

Pest Extermination

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Harmful chemicals are needed to exterminate pests, so it’s best left to those who know what they’re doing. Professional exterminators are trained in the safe application of these chemicals, reducing health risks to both yourself and any pets. They’ll also make sure that the treatment is longlasting.

Major Plumbing

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Altering your home’s plumbing system or installing new fixtures requires detailed knowledge of plumbing systems and local codes. Licensed plumbers have the expertise to ensure that installations meet regulatory standards and function correctly, avoiding potential water damage and costly future repairs.

Waterproofing Foundations

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If you want to avoid water ingress and damage to your home’s structure, don’t waterproof its foundations yourself. Professionals use proven methods and materials to seal your foundation effectively, protecting your home from moisture and the problems it brings, like mold and structural weakening.

Window Replacement

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You need to ensure that the fit is airtight and secure when replacing windows, it isn’t just about handling glass. Trained professionals install windows that enhance both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. They use techniques that prevent leaks and drafts, ensuring a durable installation.

Handling HVAC Systems

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HVAC systems involve complex electrical and mechanical components that can pose serious risks if incorrectly handled. Technicians certified in HVAC repair and installation have the knowledge to ensure systems are energy-efficient and safe, providing comfortable indoor environments without risking malfunctions or safety hazards.

Installing Solar Panels

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Due to the amount of skill needed, installing solar panels should be left to the professionals. They’ll be trained in solar technology and understand how to optimize panel placement for energy efficiency, while also ensuring the structural integrity of your roof is not compromised.


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Sandblasting involves high-pressure equipment that can cause serious injury if not handled correctly. It also creates fine dust particles that can be hazardous to breathe. Professional sandblasters use proper containment and safety gear to protect themselves and the environment from the risks associated with abrasive blasting.

Driveway Paving

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Don’t try paving your driveway by yourself. It requires expertise in material handling and proper leveling techniques to ensure a smooth, durable surface. Professionals use heavy equipment that can be difficult to operate safely without training. They ensure that the finished driveway is properly contoured for water runoff and long-lasting use.

Bathtub Refinishing

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The chemicals needed to refinish a bathtub are harsh and can release toxic fumes. Professionals are equipped with the necessary ventilation equipment and protective gear to safely apply these chemicals, ensuring a durable and safe finish without risking their health.

Felling Walls for Open Floor Plans

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Creating an open floor plan involves more than just tearing down walls; it requires understanding which walls are load-bearing. Mistakes can lead to partial or complete collapse of your home. Professionals can safely modify your home’s layout to create the desired open space without compromising structural integrity.

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