17 Coolest Birds That Are Also the Most Expensive

Written By Jill Taylor

There are many beautiful birds in the world that many people would love to have at home. Sadly, they are typically very expensive and can set you back thousands of dollars. Today, we list 17 of these incredible birds that are the most expensive to purchase.

Hyacinth Macaw

Photo Credit: Vaclav Matous/Shutterstock

The Hyacinth Macaw is referred to as the ‘blue parrot’ due to its exotic-looking cobalt blue feathers. Interestingly, it’s the biggest parrot in the world, with a beak that’s strong enough to crack open coconuts! One of these birds costs upwards of $10,000 due to their rarity and special breeding requirements.

Black Palm Cockatoo

Photo Credit: Olga Gauri/Shutterstock

Goliath cockatoos, as they’re commonly called, are large parrots with distinctive red cheeks, smokey-grey coloring, and mohawk-like crests on their heads. These birds are classified as near-threatened, making them a rare species. The Spruce Pets refer to them as one of the best-talking cockatoos, which is pretty cool, but expect to pay up to $18,000 to get one.

Scarlet Macaw

Photo Credit: Martin Mecnarowski/Shutterstock

Although they’re typically priced between $2,000 and $5,000, don’t be surprised if you see a scarlet macaw go for as much as $8,000. Scarlet macaws have a striking mixture of red, yellow, and blue feathers and are one of the most intelligent breeds around, well known for their ability to mimic human speech.

Galapagos Hawk

Photo Credit: Don Mammoser/Shutterstock

Endemic to (and the only hawk in) the Galapagos Islands, the Galapagos hawk is a rare, brown-and-black-colored species that soars as high as 650 feet and boasts excellent hunting skills. They’re generally protected by conservation laws due to their rarity, and one of them could easily cost you over $10,000.

Triton Cockatoo

Photo Credit: Martin Pelanek/Shutterstock

The triton cockatoo is a bird with white plumage and yellow crest feathers that is almost exclusively arboreal—almost never found on the ground. These $5,00 to $7,000 birds are often found in hillside forests and are sometimes called ‘velcro birds’ due to their affectionate nature.

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Photo Credit: LouieLea/Shutterstock

A weak flier with an omnivorous appetite for fruits, nuts, and insects, Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is an Australian pink and white parrot that can cost as much as $10,000. It’s distinctively recognized by its brightly colored white, red, and yellow crest and its playful, curious behavior.

Eclectus Parrot

Photo Credit: Martin Mecnarowski/Shutterstock

Sacramento Zoo says that the Eclectus parrot is one of the few around where male and female members have different morphological traits. Male Eclectus parrots are bright green with hints of red, while their female counterparts have red and purple feathers. Also known for their clear speaking skills, expect to pay up to $3,000 for these birds.

Blue and Gold Macaw

Photo Credit: SantiPhotoSS/Shutterstock

The blue and gold macaw is recognizable by its bright blue and yellow colors and the blended green feathers on its head. Its beak is strong enough to crack open and crush seeds, nuts, and fruits, and one of these birds can cost as much as $5,000.

African Grey Parrot

Photo Credit: Tracy Starr/Shutterstock

African grey parrots show exceptional intelligence, mimicking human speech and replicating other loud noises in the environment. These $3,500 birds sometimes outlive their owners, living for up to 60 years in captivity. The African grey parrot is an endangered species that feeds on fruits, berries, seeds, and nuts.

Harpy Eagle

Photo Credit: GTW/Shutterstock

The harpy eagle is one of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world. It’s also an endangered species that is protected in the U.S. Females of these amazing birds of prey can reach weights of up to 20 pounds, and with their distinctive appearance, they can set you back $15,000.

Umbrella Cockatoo

Photo Credit: BradleyvdW/Shutterstock

Umbrella cockatoos get their name from their unique crest, which opens up like an umbrella when fully extended. This crest is used as a means of communication, too! Umbrella cockatoos are also affectionate birds that need a lot of attention, and you should expect to pay up to $7,000 to get one.

Golden Conure

Photo Credit: Inian Sivasankaran/Shutterstock

According to the Minnesota Zoo, golden conures “are found only in a small part of central Brazil in the eastern Amazon River Basin,” inhabiting areas that don’t flood easily. It’s no surprise that these birds with unique yellow plumages and green flight feather tips cost about $3,000 to own as infants, while adults cost up to $4,000.

Moluccan Cockatoo

Photo Credit: Imran Ashraf/Shutterstock

With the Moluccan cockatoo, you have large birds with white or peach-colored plumage that typically cost between $1,500 and $3,000 (and sometimes up to $4,000). These birds need more attention than many others, and they will live up to 65 years in captivity with proper care.

Golden Pheasant

Photo Credit: Wang LiQiang/Shutterstock

Golden pheasants have red and yellow feathers mixed with darker shades all around their body, and this earns them the name ‘rainbow pheasants.’ These birds, despite their beauty, have manageable care requirements, so they’re highly sought after. One can go for as high as $3,000.


Photo Credit: Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock

Keas are intelligent and playful birds that easily manipulate objects thanks to their zygodactyl feet (with two toes pointing both forwards and backward). They can get mischievous when not given enough mental stimulation, and one of them goes for up to $5,000 in the pet market.

Snowy Owl

Photo Credit: naturegc/Shutterstock

The snowy owl is a white-plumage bird that can cost upwards of $10,000 due to its rarity and typically protected, endangered status. The FWS tells us that females are additionally covered with dark bar-shaped patterns, and all members of the family have a wingspan of up to five feet.

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Photo Credit: Martin Tobias Aakesson/Shutterstock

As its name suggests, these are birds that fly around with black plumage and red-colored tail feathers found in Western Australia. There are five unique subspecies of them to choose from, and you’ll need to spare as much as $9,000 to get one, especially if you’re outside Australia.

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