8 Cat Breeds That Don’t Mind Water

Written By Jill Taylor

While drenching most cats in water makes them uncomfortable and aggressive, with some, there’s hardly a problem. They even seek out water to play with. From cats that need it to cool off to cats that sailed with Vikings, here are 19 cat breeds that love to have water around them.


Photo Credit: evrymmnt/Shutterstock.

Abyssinians may be less affectionate than a lot of cats on our list, but they make up for this in entertaining playfulness. They love exploring, and having a dip in water to satisfy their curiosity is never a bad idea for them.


Photo Credit: uliya Alekseeva/Shutterstock.

Snowshoe cats are one of the rarest in the U.S. and are also part of the few cat breeds that enjoy getting wet. They don’t just stop at their bowls or shallow puddles. They enjoy taking deep dives into the water and can get entertained with water for hours, as Hill’s shares.


Photo Credit: Alexander_Evgenyevich/Shutterstock.

Bengal cats interact with water anywhere they find it. They have an Asian leopard ancestor, which makes them related to fishing cats and allows them to be excellent swimmers. Bengal cats will drink water directly from the tap and even follow you into the bathtub.


Photo Credit: Alexander Piragis/Shutterstock.

Sphynx cats are hairless, and this condition exposes their skin to dirt and unhealthy oils. You give them regular baths when they’re kittens, and they quickly grow accustomed to being wet. Getting dipped in water is like a necessity for them, and they particularly enjoy warm baths.

Turkish Angora

Photo Credit: TheCats/Shutterstock.

Hailing from Ankara, the Angoras are another breed from Turkey that never shies away from getting wet. They don’t just play with their water bowl or hop in the shower with you; you’ll also see them jump into deep water to play and paddle around.


Photo Credit: Gennadiy Naumov/Shutterstock.

The Savannah cats have a serval ancestry, as they’re related to exotic wild cats from Africa. Hence, they come with an athletic build and engage in demanding activities a lot. It isn’t uncommon to see them specifically seek out water bodies to cool off after a round of playtime.


Photo Credit: evrymmnt/Shutterstock.

Originating from the harsh climes of Russia, Siberian cats come with a luxurious triple coat that protects them from cold and makes them water resistant. They’re also a playful, curious breed that’ll spill water from bowls and follow you into the shower.

Egyptian Mau

Photo Credit: KoBenz/Shutterstock.

Egyptian Maus are not just extremely intelligent, but they are also the fastest domestic cat breeds alive. They love fresh water, so much so that WebMD reports that they learn to turn on water faucets if they can’t find any other clean source. They also don’t run away from some splash time.