Can Parrots Eat Arugula? 5 Important Benefits

Arugula is a variety of green that is used all over the world. Arugula is commonly used in Italian dishes, and in the Roman era, it was used as herbal medicine. However, can parrots eat arugula? We will answer that question and more in this article.

can parrots eat arugula

Can Parrots eat Arugula?

Absolutely! Parrots can consume arugula and take advantage of the leafy green’s several benefits. Arugula is one of the best varieties of green that you can give to your parrots.

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What Benefits does Arugula offer to Parrots?

Arugula can offer parrots essential nutrients that they require daily. Parrots can also eat different vegetables with arugula since arugula alone is insufficient for parrots. However, arugula is rich in several key nutrients, and 100 grams of arugula consists of:

  • Calories: 25
  • Protein: 2.58 grams
  • Fat: 0.66 grams
  • Sugar: 2.05 grams
  • Fiber: 1.6 grams
  • Calcium: 160 mg
  • Iron: 1.46 mg
  • Magnesium: 47 mg
  • Phosphorus: 52 mg
  • Potassium: 369 mg
  • Sodium: 27 mg
  • Zinc: 0.47 mg
  • Copper: 0.076 mg

These nutrients are found in high quantities in arugula. These nutrients are essential for birds such as parrots and reptiles, humans, and other mammals.

Drawbacks of feeding Arugula to Parrots?

freshly chopped arugula

The content of vitamin K in arugula is low. Vitamin K is another essential mineral and is vital for blood clotting. However, while this is a major drawback of arugula, it does not affect parrots, and they can eat it.

Preparing Arugula for Parrots

The best way to serve arugula to parrots is when it is raw and fresh. Cooked arugula is not as beneficial as raw arugula. Arugula that is fresh and raw has a high nutrient content, and in cooked arugula, the nutrient content is low. No matter how you prepare the arugula, you must always wash it thoroughly before feeding it to the parrots.

Do Parrots like eating Arugula Salad?

Yes! Parents enjoy eating arugula salad, but only if the salad contains other fruits and vegetables. The salad should not consist of dressings, peppers, and olive oil, and it should be fresh and raw.

Is it Safe for Parrots to eat Sautéed and Wilted Arugula?

parrot eating greens

No! The sautéed and wilted arugula is not safe to eat for parrots because it consists of several dangerous ingredients for parrots.

Is it Safe for Parrots to eat Cooked Arugula?

While it is beneficial for parrots if they eat arugula raw, some people live to serve the parrots cooked. It depends on how you cook the arugula; if you add too much seasoning, it won’t be good for the parrots. However, boiled arugula is ok for parrots, and you can serve it to them.

How to add Arugula to the diet of the Parrots?

If you don’t feed your parrots’ arugula, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to understand that adding a new item to the parrots’ diet is not easy to do. Parrots have a highly sensitive digestive system, so if they eat something that is not good for them, they can get seriously ill.

However, there is no need to panic; while adding new items to parrots’ diet is tough, it is not impossible. Below are some important steps you should take if you want to add arugula to the parrots’ diet.

It is a Slow Process

It is risky to add a new item to the diet without testing the parrots. You should first feed the parrots a small quantity of arugula and see if they liked it or not. Most parrots like arugula and other veggies, but you still need to observe your birds and note their response.

Over the next few weeks, you can slowly increase the quantity of arugula you feed to the parrots. Once your birds are used to the taste of arugula, you can make it a part of their diet.

Combine Arugula and other Vegetables

While parrots typically don’t have a problem eating arugula, they prefer to eat it and other vegetables. There are many vegetables that you can feed your parrots, such as carrots, potatoes, and many more. Try to combine the arugula with the vegetables and feed it to your birds.

The parrots will love the combination, and this way, they will get a healthy meal, and arugula will become a part of their diet. You can also make arugula salad and vegetables and feed the parrots. However, ensure there is no seasoning in the salad; otherwise, the salad won’t benefit the birds.

Use Arugula as Bait during Training

Bird and parrot owners spend a lot of time training their birds, using different items as bait. However, to get your parrot used to arugula, you can use the leafy green as bait as well. Try to feed your parrot arugula during training and see if he liked it or not. If the parrot approves, he will be motivated to train.

Consult a Vet

There is probably no one better at adjusting a pet’s diet than a vet. You can call up your vet and ask if adding arugula to the diet is a good thing or not. You can also take your parrot to the clinic so that the vet can probably examine him. Please follow the suggestions the vet gives.

Don’t do anything yourself

Some pet owners think that they know it all and don’t take advice from the vet. We want to warn you that not taking the vet’s advice is not a good idea. Each parrot is different; arugula suits most of them, but not all. If arugula doesn’t suit your parrot, he can get very sick. On a few rare occasions, sickness can lead to death.

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Is Arugula Toxic to Parrots?

parrot eating

Arugula is not toxic to parrots. Also known as salad rocket, this leafy green is packed with nutrients that are essential for parrot health. In addition, arugula has a mild flavor that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

So if you’re looking for a safe and healthy way to add some variety to your parrot’s diet, arugula is a great choice.

Can Parrots Eat Arugula – Final Thoughts

In this article, we focused on this question: Can parrots eat arugula? We concluded that parrots could eat arugula, which is extremely beneficial for birds. We also discussed ways you feed your parrot’s arugula. Lastly, towards the end of the article, we have shared several tips that will help you add arugula to the parrots’ diet.

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