Can Goats Eat Yogurt? Simple Answer & Feeding Tips

Can goats eat yogurt? Yes, most goats love yogurt and will eat any variety. There are a couple of things to remember when preparing yogurt and feeding it to your goats.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about feeding yogurt to your goats.

can goats eat yogurt

What is Yogurt?

Yogurt is a dairy product made by fermenting milk with live bacteria. The bacteria are added to the milk, forming curds which are then strained to make yogurt.

There are different types of yogurt such as Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, and flavored yogurt.

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Can Goats Eat Yogurt?

Yes, goats can eat yogurt in most types of varieties. There are a couple of things to remember when feeding your goats yogurt. Goat milk is naturally homogenized with its fat globules dispersed evenly throughout the milk.

This means that when you add bacteria to ferment the milk they go all through the milk instead of settling on top like regular cows milk which makes it difficult for some people to strain off.

Is Yogurt Safe for Goats?

Yogurt is safe for your goats, but there are a couple of things you should know before feeding them yogurt.

Goats can be lactose intolerant and even if their bodies can digest milk they may not be able to tolerate the sugars in the milk. So when giving your goat yogurt it’s best that you mix in some feed or hay with it to help slow down digestion.

Health Benefits of Yogurt for Goats

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Feeding yogurt to your goats provides them with a lot of health benefits.

One of the main health benefits of feeding your goats yogurt is that it helps balance their stomach flora. Goat milk naturally contains probiotics which are good bacteria for the digestive system and live cultures in yogurt work just like these beneficial enzymes in goat milk.

Another benefit to feeding your goats yogurt is that it helps ease digestion. Yogurt coats the lining of a goat’s digestive tract, protecting it from damaging acids and enzymes produced while digesting food. This protective coating also helps control diarrhea caused by overfeeding or indigestion.

Are there any Risks in Feeding Yogurt to Goats?

There are a couple of risks associated with feeding yogurt to goats.

Since goat milk naturally contains lactose, if the lactose isn’t broken down during the fermentation process by bacteria it can cause intestinal upset in some goats. And since the sugar in the fermented milk is still intact it has an even greater impact on their digestive system.

When giving your goats yogurt for this reason you should mix it with feed or hay to help slow down digestion. Another thing to remember is that too much of anything isn’t good so always monitor how much yogurt you are giving your goats and how often you are feeding them.

What Types of Yogurt Can Goats Eat?

There aren’t really any types of yogurt that goats can’t eat. If you are feeding your goats yogurt without any other food at the same time, make sure to mix it with some hay or feed to slow down their digestion.

Goats like variety too so why not try all types of different flavored yogurts? Make sure if you’re giving them yogurt that they will use feed or hay along with it though since this can help slow down digestion and help control diarrhea caused by overfeeding or indigestion.

Yogurt is safe for your goats and there are a lot of benefits of feeding them yogurt. You may want to start by using small amounts to see how much they eat as well as how well they tolerate the dairy product.

How to Prepare Yogurt for Goats?

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Preparing yogurt for your goats is simple.

First, you’ll need to remove the lid and stir up all of the chunks that have formed on top of the yogurt. Then take a spoonful of your goat’s feed or hay and mix it into their new bowl of yogurt before serving it to them.

Can Goats Eat Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt is made using a straining process that removes the whey and lactose, making it less likely for your goat to experience gas or other digestive problems.

It’s still good practice to mix Greek yogurt with feed or hay just in case their bodies aren’t able to handle this type of dairy product yet.

Can Goats Eat Dairy-Free Yogurt?

Goats can eat dairy-free yogurt, but it will not provide them with the same health benefits as regular yogurt.

Dairy-free yogurts only contain a small number of beneficial enzymes from goat milk and won’t have any probiotics which are necessary for balancing the gut flora in your goats’ digestive system.

How Often Should I Feed my Goats Yogurt?

Since yogurt contains a high number of probiotics that are beneficial to your goats’ digestive system it is important to not overfeed them.

You should only feed your goats yogurt as an occasional treat and make sure their main diet is made up of hay, browse, and grain. This will help keep their stool firm and reduce the risk for bloating or loose stools.

What if my Goats Don’t Eat Their Yogurt?

If you notice that your goat won’t eat their bowl of yogurt you can mix in one part chilled goat milk to two parts yogurt. The smell and taste of the goat’s milk will encourage them to eat their bowl of yogurt and they may even start eating it on their own eventually.

Another option would be to mix some of their favorite treats into the yogurt. If you notice that your goat is still not eating their yogurt, then stop feeding it to them.

Can Kids Eat Yogurt?

Goats should begin receiving yogurt when they are at least eight weeks old although you may need to start giving them small amounts of goat milk along with yogurt when they are younger than this since dairy products can cause gas and motility problems until their digestive systems have developed enough.

Once your goats are 3-4 months old you can start introducing them to plain or fruit-flavored yogurts mixed with feed or hay depending on how well they are tolerating the dairy product.

Can Goats Eat Yogurt – Final Thoughts

Can goats eat yogurt? The answer is yes! Make sure the yogurt you give your goats is plain and unsweetened, without added flavors or fruit. And always keep an eye on your goats while they’re eating; too much yogurt can give them diarrhea.

With these tips in mind, you can feel confident giving your beloved goats some delicious yogurt.

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