Can Goats Eat Sweet Potatoes? Simple Answer & Feeding Tips

Written By Jill Taylor

Have you ever found yourself staring at a surplus of sweet potatoes and asked the question – can goats eat sweet potatoes? Well, you’re in luck. The answer is a resounding yes. Goats can indeed relish the nutritious delight that sweet potatoes offer, making those surplus tubers a valuable addition to their diet.

As a goat owner, I often experiment with adding different vegetables to the diet of my goats. Sweet potatoes, however, have consistently been their favorite. Seeing them joyfully crunch on the tasty tubers has been a delightful sight to behold. But, as with anything, moderation is key. Sweet potatoes, while being beneficial, should not replace the main feed, and their consumption needs to be monitored.

Over the years, I’ve learned and mastered the art of preparing sweet potatoes for my goats to ensure their safety and nutritional intake. Understanding the health benefits and potential risks involved in feeding sweet potatoes to goats is paramount. In this article, we go over all these aspects, making your job as a goat owner easier, healthier, and let’s not forget, sweeter!

can goats eat sweet potatoes

What are Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are tubers that grow on bushy vines. They have brown, firm skin and white to purple flesh on the inside. Depending on the variety, some sweet potatoes have yellow or orange flesh with light or dark spots throughout.

Some varieties of sweet potatoes taste similar to regular potatoes while others have more of a buttery flavor. The leaves of the vine are also edible for both humans and goats but should be removed before feeding them to your animals because they can cause bloat if eaten in excess.


Can Goats Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Yes. Most combinations of goat feed contain at least some sweet potatoes mixed in with it. If you are feeding your goats homegrown or store-bought hay, their main source of nutrition will likely come from the hay itself.

Sweet potatoes are usually only added to supplements for this same reason—sweet potatoes are mostly used as an energy boost while the hay is a more significant source of nutrition.

However, if you do find yourself with too many sweet potatoes on your hands you can always chop them up into chunks and feed them alongside your animals’ daily food.

You can also grate or puree the sweet potato before adding them to your animal’s feed but make sure to add water when doing so because they do not contain moisture on their own.

Are Sweet Potatoes Safe for Goats?

goats sticking out tongue

Yes, sweet potatoes are very safe for goats to eat in moderation. As with any food, you should never let your animals’ access to it become an unlimited resource.

Goats that gorge themselves on too many sweet potatoes in a short span of time can suffer from loose stools and even bloat in larger quantities. This is the same case when feeding them too many apples or cucumbers—minimize their consumption of these fruits if they are eating more than 3 lbs per day.

Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Goats

Goats that are able to eat sweet potatoes experience some health benefits. For instance, these tubers contain beta-carotene which your goats can convert into Vitamin A in their livers.

Beta-carotene also acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent which is important for the immune system of both humans and other animals. Beta-carotene can reduce inflammation throughout the body while fighting off bacteria and viruses that could otherwise ravage the body’s cells.

Are there any Risks in Feeding Sweet Potatoes to Goats?

There are some risks associated with feeding your goats large quantities of sweet potato. As mentioned above, your animals can develop loose stools or even bloat if they eat too much in a short amount of time.

Because their skin is also slightly toxic when eaten by goats, you should avoid feeding sweet potatoes to them on an empty stomach or letting them graze on vines if the tubers themselves are not yet ripe.

If consumed in excess, some compounds within the skin will actually interfere with digestion and cause more harm than good.

How to Prepare Sweet Potatoes for Goats?

kid goat eating plant

When feeding sweet potatoes to your goats, there are a few steps you should follow.

First, make sure to clean your sweet potatoes thoroughly before chopping them up and adding them to your goat’s feed. If they still have soil clinging onto the skin it is best to remove this before feeding or having any contact with your animals.

Next, cut the sweet potatoes into manageable chunks that won’t be too difficult for your goats to eat. Goats can try and take bites out of larger pieces but smaller ones are easier for them to swallow and digest.

Lastly, add water when preparing sweet potato purees or grated pieces for their feed in order to soften the food enough so they don’t choke on it while eating.

Can Goats Eat Cooked Sweet Potatoes?

Yes, goats can eat cooked sweet potatoes. The only difference is that it will take them longer to consume the same amount of the tuber when it has been cooked.

Cooking usually denatures some nutritional properties in food which means your animals will get less bang for their buck when they eat warm vegetables like sweet potatoes.

Since cooked solid chunks are also easier for goats to break down and digest than large mashed pieces, you should always cut your sweet potatoes into smaller sections before cooking or boiling them.

Can Goats Eat Raw Sweet Potatoes?

fresh sweet potatoes

Yes, goats can eat raw sweet potatoes. The skin of the vegetable is mildly toxic in its natural state so your animals could experience some digestive problems if they decide to take a bite out of one before you have washed it thoroughly.

As mentioned earlier, raw sweet potatoes are difficult for livestock to digest which means you shouldn’t feed them this way on a regular basis.

However, there are no real health risks associated with letting goats eat small amounts of the tuber when it is uncooked as long as you keep their consumption moderate.

Can Goats Eat Sweet Potato Vines?

Goats can eat sweet potato vines but you shouldn’t let them consume too much of this part of the plant. The leaves and shoots can actually be highly poisonous to goats if they eat a large amount of it in a short period of time which means you shouldn’t leave their feed bin out overnight.

As long as you restrict your animal’s access to the sweet potato vines, they should be able to graze on some foliage here and there without any problems.

In many cases though, their eagerness to eat all the vegetation around them might lead to them trying to swallow down entire stalks which will end up making them sick instead.

Can Goats Eat Sweet Potato Leaves?

The leaves from sweet potatoes are not toxic so there is no need to worry about your animals trying to eat these.

However, if you let your goats graze on the sweet potato vines and they begin munching down on the leaves along with them, their consumption will quickly turn into an impromptu salad bar of sorts.

Since the vines and the leaves come from the same part of the plant, your goats will try and eat everything around them which can cause digestive problems.

The nutritional profile for both parts is virtually identical so there’s no real reason for them to start ingesting this foliage beyond a few bites here or there.

Can Goats Eat Sweet Potato Peels?

Feeding goats sweet potato peels can be a topic of debate among many livestock keepers. While the skin of a sweet potato does contain nutrients, it’s important to understand that it can also be slightly toxic to goats when ingested in large amounts. The main concern is that the skin can potentially interfere with the goats’ digestion, causing more harm than good.

The toxicity is mainly due to compounds called sesquiterpenes, which can be found in the skin of sweet potatoes. When ingested in large amounts, these compounds can cause goats to experience digestive discomfort or, in severe cases, may lead to more significant health problems. Therefore, it’s generally recommended to remove the skin from sweet potatoes before feeding them to your goats.

Also, sweet potato skins can carry dirt or chemical residues, especially if the potatoes are not organically grown. Thorough washing or removing the peel ensures you’re not accidentally introducing any unwanted substances to your goats’ diet.

How Often Should I Feed my Goats Sweet Potatoes?

goat in field

There isn’t a specific amount of sweet potatoes you should feed your goats per day. Rather, you should take into consideration their size and appetite level to determine the right amount of food for them.

You don’t want your animals to gain too much weight because it will put stress on their backs which could lead to an injury if they are forced to bear that extra load for extended periods of time.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, they shouldn’t lose too much weight if they aren’t getting enough food in general either. Both situations can cause health problems with your livestock so make sure you monitor what they are eating carefully during all stages of their lives.

What other vegetables can goats eat?

fresh turnips

While sweet potatoes can certainly provide some delightful variety in a goat’s diet, there’s a whole world of other vegetables that these hardy animals can consume. Adding different vegetables to your goats’ diet can ensure they are getting a wide range of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Let’s explore five more such vegetables that you can consider feeding to your goats.


Carrots are an excellent choice for goats. These vibrant roots are rich in fiber, aiding digestion, and high in vitamin A, promoting skin and coat health. The added bonus? Goats love the taste of carrots! However, remember to cut the carrots into smaller pieces to avoid choking hazards and to facilitate easy consumption.

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Potatoes, when properly prepared, can be a good energy source for goats, thanks to their high carbohydrate and protein content. They also have various vitamins like B6, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. However, never feed goats raw potatoes; they can cause digestive issues. Always boil or roast potatoes before offering them to your goats.

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Turnips, another root vegetable, can also be a part of your goats’ diet. They provide valuable nutrients, like Vitamin C, fiber, and various minerals. Goats can eat both the turnip bulb and its leafy green top. However, as with other vegetables, it’s important to feed turnips in moderation to prevent bloating and other digestive problems.

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Onions are a tricky one. They are not typically recommended for goats as they contain a compound called thiosulphate which can cause hemolytic anemia in goats, a condition that results in the destruction of red blood cells. If onions are fed, they should be given in very small quantities and not as a staple of the diet.

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Parsnips are safe for goats and can be a nutritious addition to their diet. Rich in vitamin C, fiber, and other minerals, they can contribute to overall health. As with carrots, be sure to cut parsnips into manageable pieces to ensure they can be easily eaten and digested.

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Can Goats Eat Sweet Potatoes – Final Thoughts

Feeding your goats sweet potatoes is a great way to give them some added nutrition. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. They also have a low glycemic index, which means they won’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Most goats love sweet potatoes and will eat any variety. There are a couple of things to remember when preparing sweet potatoes and feeding them to your goats, though. Be sure to remove the skin from the potato before feeding it to your goats, as it can be tough for them to digest. Also, avoid giving your goats too many sweet potatoes at once, as they can upset the goat’s stomach if eaten in large quantities. With these tips in mind, you can safely feed your goats sweet potatoes.

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