Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Food / Rabbit Pellets?

Written By Jill Taylor

Can ducks eat rabbit food? The short answer is yes, they can. Rabbit pellets contain a lot of salt which isn’t good for a duck’s diet. If a duck accidentally eats some rabbit food it won’t cause any harm, but rabbit food shouldn’t be the main source of the duck’s diet.

Ducks can eat rabbit food. Ducks will eat pretty much anything they can fit into their mouth and swallow, but this doesn’t mean that everything you feed them is good for them. In fact, many things you might try to feed a duck are actually quite bad for him.

can ducks eat rabbit food

What are Rabbit Pellets?

Rabbit food is not really food at all. It’s rabbit pellets, which are basically small chunks of compressed alfalfa hay. It was developed as a safe and easy way to feed rabbits in large numbers, but some people also choose to use it for their pet rabbits.

Rabbit pellets are not good for ducks. A duck can eat rabbit food, but it shouldn’t be a staple of their diet.


Ducks Need More Protein Than Rabbits

Ducks need more protein than rabbits because they are larger animals with faster metabolisms. Ducks require about 18% – 20% protein in their diet every day.

Rabbit food is around 16% protein. It’s not much different than feeding your duck plain alfalfa hay. Feeding a duck just rabbit pellets would be like making him eat his own poop!

Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Pellets?

Yes, ducks can eat rabbit pellets. Rabbits are a type of mammal and so is a duck. Most mammals have very similar nutritional needs so the things which are good for rabbits will also be good for ducks.

There’s one important difference you should know about though: salt content. A rabbit pellet contains a lot of salt/sodium which isn’t healthy for a duck to consume in large quantities.

If your duck eats some rabbit food by accident it won’t cause any harm, but it shouldn’t be given to them on a regular basis because there are far better foods out there from which to feed them – foods with higher nutritional value, lower sodium content and less potentially harmful additives.

Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Food Pellets?

Rabbit food pellets are made of compressed alfalfa which is okay for a small amount in your duck’s diet but they shouldn’t have it as their main source of food.

Alfalfa is really high in protein and calcium, which is good for them; however, on the other hand, it can cause some problems due to excess phosphorus.

So if you do feed them any rabbit food pellets, make sure it’s just on rare occasions like for an occasional treat or reward.

Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Food Cake?

Yes – sort of. The type of rabbit food cake that ducks can eat isn’t the same kind you feed your rabbits though; it has to be specially formulated with salt content reduced for duck consumption.

So if you have a rabbit food cake mix lying around, don’t feed it to your ducks because they won’t get the nutrients they need out of eating it. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables will be a much better alternative for them.

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Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Food Nuts?

Yes – ducks can eat rabbit nuts! Just like human nuts, these are great treats for ducks that can help alleviate boredom when feeding them in their enclosure or outside area.

Ducks especially enjoy watermelon seeds but any type of nut or seed is fine to give them. Be sure not to give them too many though because there’s a chance they might overeat and become malnourished from a lack of protein.

Are Rabbit Pellets Safe for Ducks?

Rabbit pellets are safe for ducks. The pellets themselves don’t pose any health risks to ducks and, as mentioned before, it’s the salt content in them that may cause issues.

If you accidentally give your duck a few rabbit pellets by mistake, there shouldn’t be any problem; however, feeding him/her rabbit food on a regular basis is not advisable because there are better alternatives out there such as chicken feed.

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What Do Ducks Eat?

ducks eating

Ducks eat everything from vegetables and fruits to grains and seeds plus bugs and other small critters they catch. A good fresh healthy diet will keep them happy and healthy but treats like nuts and seeds – especially watermelon seeds – can also be beneficial to their health.

You can feed ducks almost anything you can eat yourself, but make sure to avoid feeding them any wild plants unless you are absolutely certain they are safe for ducks.

What Foods Should Ducks Not Eat?

Ducks shouldn’t eat anything with a lot of salt in it because this can cause some health problems. They also should not be given food that contains any beef/pork byproducts or animal fat.

Ducks should not be given any type of beans or legumes because this can cause some issues to their digestive tract and overall well-being. Onions and garlic are also bad for ducks so these foods should also be avoided as treats/rewards.

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Can Ducklings Eat Rabbit Food?

Can ducklings eat rabbit food? Yes, but only as an occasional treat or reward because there are better foods out there that ducks can be fed.

Rabbit food pellets aren’t as healthy for ducklings; they contain too much salt and other ingredients which might make them sick.

Ducklings should not be given any type of wild plants like a weed or flower either – make sure to stay away from anything with poison ivy/oak in it and anything else you’re unsure about if the plant is safe for your duckling to eat.

Will Ducks Eat Rabbit Droppings?

Ducks can eat rabbit droppings if they are hungry enough, but this isn’t a good idea.

Rabbit droppings are not good for ducks because they contain too much salt and other ingredients which might make them sick.

If you feed your ducks something like rabbit food pellets, the droppings from the food are more likely to get eaten by your ducks rather than regular drops of food or water residue.

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Can Ducks Eat Rabbit Food – Final Thoughts

Rabbit pellets are not good for a duck’s diet, so while they can eat it this is not something you should feed your ducks on the regular. Rabbit pellets are high in protein (about 20%) and low in fiber (about 5%). These numbers make it good for rabbits, but not ducks. Ducks typically need protein around 15% with about 25-30% fiber.

While it won’t hurt your duck if he does happen to eat rabbit food, this shouldn’t be something that you feed him on the regular. Not only do they typically require different nutritional levels than rabbits, eating too much rabbit food can cause digestive issues which might lead to more serious problems like colic.

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