Can Ducks Eat Coconut? Simple Answer & Feeding Tips

Written By Jill Taylor

If you have fresh coconut in the summer, you’ll know that it doesn’t keep for very long. If you are wondering can ducks eat coconut instead of throwing it away, then I have the answer for you.

The answer is yes, ducks can eat coconut. There are several different types of coconut that are suitable for ducks to eat, and there are some that you should feed to your ducks.

Read on as I tell you everything you need to know about feeding coconut to ducks.

can ducks eat coconut

Can Ducks Eat Coconut?

Ducks are not the pickiest eaters. If you have ever owned a duck, you know that they can make quite a mess if they are given even half an opportunity.

It is probably safe to say that ducks will eat almost anything that they can get their little webbed feet on. With this in mind, many people wonder if ducks can eat coconut, and the answer is yes.

Ducks can eat coconut because it falls into two different categories of food for them: fruits and seeds. Ducks enjoy eating fruit, but only certain types of fruit. You should never feed your duck citrus fruit or acidic fruit because these could make them very sick.

However, there are other types of fruit such as apples and pears that ducks enjoy very much. Coconut also falls into the fruit category and is, therefore, safe food for ducks to eat.

It should be noted that raw coconut could present a choking hazard because if you leave it in its natural state then the shell tends to stay intact when eaten. I would advise that you grate or crush up your coconut before feeding it to your ducks. You can also purchase dried shredded coconut at pet stores and use this as well.


Can Ducks Eat Fresh Coconut?

ducks eating

If you have fresh coconut in the summer then you might be wondering “can ducks eat fresh coconut” instead of throwing it away.

The answer is yes, ducks can eat fresh coconut and there are several ways that you can introduce this food into your duck’s diet.

One way to feed them fresh coconut is to grate the coconut up finely and then freeze it in bite-sized chunks. You can also do this with dried shredded coconut as well if you want to serve them both together. You don’t even need to defrost or thaw these treats before giving them to your ducks; they will be able to eat them just fine straight from the freezer.

Another way that you can give fresh coconut to your duck is by making a hole in one end with an ice pick or sharp knife and draining out the liquid inside of it. This liquid is known as coconut milk and is a nutritious, delicious treat that all ducks will enjoy.

Once you have emptied out the liquid from the coconut then it can be served to your duck whole or broken up into smaller pieces depending on how big of a bird you have. If you are wondering, can ducks eat fresh coconut straight from the shell? The answer is yes so don’t hesitate to give them some if they seem interested in it.

How To Feed Ducks Fresh Coconut – Stage 1

Poke a large nail through one of the three “eyes” located on one side of the coconut and drain out its water/coconut milk mixture until all that remains inside it is just white meat.

Stage 2

Break up the coconut into pieces that are small enough to fit inside your duck’s beak. Place these pieces in a zip lock bag and store them in the freezer until you are ready to feed them to your ducks.


  • Each day take out one treat for your ducks and leave it on their plate. If they finish it, then great! If not, then put it back each night so that the treats don’t start growing mold or bacteria while still in the refrigerator – you want to keep things sanitary.
  • Do not defrost any of these treats because this will cause them to go bad quickly; just serve them frozen! Keep feeding fresh coconut like this until all that remains is just hardened shells no meat left inside. At this point, your ducks should no longer be interested in eating any more of it.
  • If you find that your duck is still interested in eating fresh coconut after following these steps, then I would recommend that you only feed them fresh shredded coconut instead because it will not present as much of a choking hazard.

Can Ducks Eat Shredded Coconut?

You can feed your duck shredded coconut instead of whole chunks of coconut if you want to. I have fed both dried and fresh shredded coconut to my ducks with no problems whatsoever, so if you are wondering can ducks eat shredded coconut, then go ahead and feed it to them.

I would recommend that you only feed your ducks shredded coconut if it is dried and not fresh because once again, raw coconut can present a significant choking hazard for your duck if pieces of the shell get stuck in its throat.

You should also note that when feeding your ducks shredded coconut there is always a risk that they will eat too much of it which can lead to bloating or constipation.

To avoid this from happening, only give them a little bit at a time and don’t mix their regular food with the shredded coconut in order to keep things simple.

Can Ducks Eat Desiccated Coconut?

I don’t recommend that you feed your ducks desiccated coconut. The reason is that the dried flakes will rehydrate once they reach your duck’s stomach, causing them to get larger.

If your duck eats too many desiccated coconut flakes then its belly could swell up which will lead to intestinal discomfort, bloating, and even death.

Can Ducks Eat Coconut Oil?

Yes, ducks can eat coconut oil but you will need to use it sparingly because like desiccated coconut, this type of fat also has the potential to swell up inside your duck’s digestive tract once it absorbs liquid from their stomach.

To prevent this from happening, only feed them 1/4 teaspoon per day; any more than that and you run the risk of causing them intestinal discomfort or worse which is never a good thing.

Can Ducks Drink Coconut Milk?

duck drinking milk

Yes, ducks can drink coconut milk without a problem. However, you should note that compared to ducklings and adult ducks, baby ducklings do not have the ability to digest coconut milk because their intestines are still too small.

If your duckling’s digestive tract is unable to break down the fatty acids from coconut milk then it will end up causing them diarrhea or constipation which can be pretty serious if it isn’t dealt with quickly.

For this reason, I would recommend against feeding your tiny little ducks things like cream of coconut, desiccated coconut flakes, shredded dried coconut flakes, and so on until they are at least two weeks old or until they grow larger and more active.

Can Ducks Eat Coconut Flesh?

Yes, freshly harvested coconut flesh that hasn’t been processed, frozen, or treated in any other way are all great treats for your ducks to have.

The reason being is that this type of food will provide them with the following benefits:

  1. Improved digestion due to high levels of dietary fiber.
  2. Boosted immune system thanks to the fatty acids and vitamins inside it.
  3. Increased energy levels because fresh coconut flesh contains natural sugars within it – this also means reduced fat storage so you should see some pretty dramatic weight loss over time if your duck regularly eats coconut products like these.
  4. Naturally alkalizing effect on their blood pH levels which helps prevent calcification of their organs caused by acidic foods like grains.
  5. Great cardiovascular health benefits because of the high amounts of lauric acid and capric acid within them.
  6. Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
  7. Provide your duck with a protective shield against diseases and infections thanks to the saturated fats inside them that create monolaurin – this fatty substance is believed to be one of nature’s best germ warfare substances!

However, keep in mind that you should only feed your ducks raw coconut flesh or pulp because cooking them will destroy everything that makes this food so beneficial for your duck’s health.

Can Ducks Eat Coconut – Final Thoughts

Yes, it is perfectly fine to feed your ducks fresh coconut flesh, pieces of dried shredded coconut, coconut milk, and so on without any issues.

The only exception is if you have baby ducklings because their digestive tracts are too small to absorb the fatty acids from these types of foods without getting diarrhea or constipation.

Otherwise, enjoy giving your ducks things like shredded dried coconut flakes and other types of this superfood in moderation while they enjoy all the health benefits that come with them.

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