Baby Boomers Are Tired of Being Talked About For These 18 Things and Here’s Why

Written By Jill Taylor

Every aspect of Baby Boomers’ lives has been the subject of scrutiny for a long time. However, many feel that these discussions often misrepresent their true experiences. Here are 18 things for which Baby Boomers have had enough of being talked about.


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Society often stereotypes baby boomers, with ideas that they “live to work, can’t text and can’t tolerate change,” the APA says. These stereotypes diminish the generation’s diversity and individuality, and Baby Boomers feel wrongly defined by these inaccurate and outdated stereotypes.


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The assumption that all Baby Boomers are financially secure is incorrect and misleading. Many people in this generation are still working and struggling with money like the rest of us! Boomers had to face challenges like the Great Depression, and these have taken a toll on their finances.


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The stereotypical relationship between Baby Boomers and technology is notoriously bad and even laughable, but Boomers are tired of this false narrative! Contrary to popular belief, their generation can be very tech-savvy and actively use smartphones, social media, and other digital tools.

Work Ethic

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Baby Boomers are typically seen as workaholics, but many of this generation are dedicated and passionate about their careers. Boomers have significantly contributed to various industries and workplace cultures, and their experience and mentorship are invaluable to younger generations. We should be thanking them!

Health and Wellness

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Discussions about Baby Boomers’ health often focus on decline rather than resilience. However, according to The New York Times, “the American population is older than it has ever been.” This proves that Boomers are living longer and maintaining healthy lifestyles and that their proactive approach to health and wellness is frequently overlooked.

Family Dynamics

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Baby Boomers are often portrayed as background characters in family dynamics, but they should be one of the main characters! Boomers actually play a vital and diverse role in their families as caregivers or grandparents. Society and media tend to overlook and not appreciate their significant contributions to family life.

Political Views

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The Baby Boomer generation has played a pivotal role in shaping modern politics, but the rest of society tragically underappreciates this! Boomers’ political views are frequently oversimplified, and assumptions are often made, which undermines their varied and diverse views.

Environmental Views

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While there are a few people who don’t believe in or care about climate change and environmental issues, many Boomers have been at the forefront of environmental movements and continue to advocate for sustainability and conservation. Don’t let the few speak for the many!


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Despite what many people believe, Baby Boomers often have a great education. People of their generation have made substantial contributions to academic and professional fields as both students and educators. The stereotype of Boomers being uneducated overshadows their lifelong learning and achievements.

Contributions to Culture

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Baby Boomers have had a profound impact on music, TV, art, and literature! The Atlantic says, “when we stop to consider the invention of pop culture, the credit must go to those approaching retirement.” Boomers’ contribution to culture and influence on society is usually overlooked these days.


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The world has changed massively during the lives of Baby Boomers! Could you imagine how different everything was when they were born? While they’re often painted out to be resistant to change, this generation has adapted to many social, economic, and technological shifts over time.

Community Spirit

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Many Baby Boomers are actively involved in their communities and consistently take part in volunteering and activism. Maybe we should take a leaf out of their book and get more involved! Their social contributions are vital to a variety of causes and organizations; however, their efforts tend to go unrecognized and underappreciated.


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When people imagine retirement, a specific image typically comes to mind: laziness and relaxation. However, retirement is different for all Baby Boomers. Many Boomers are redefining retirement through working part-time, volunteering, or finding new hobbies. Retirement would be pretty boring if you just sat doing nothing!

Representation in Media

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Baby Boomers are often represented in limited and sometimes negative ways in the media. These representations fail to show the complexity and fullness of Boomers’ lives, and this has led to calls for more accurate and respectful portrayals of this generation in the media.

Spending Habits

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Ignore the stereotype of Baby Boomers being stingy and tight with their money! Boomers actually contribute a lot to the economy with their diverse spending habits. CNN reports that “if not for the aggressive spending by Boomers, […] overall consumer spending would have been even more negative.”

Relationships with Younger Generations

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Baby Boomers value their relationships with younger generations as much as those generations value their relationships with Boomers. Younger generations often help them change with the times, while Boomers can serve as mentors, guides, and supporters for millennials and Gen Z. The importance of these connections between generations is frequently underestimated.


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Throughout their lives, Baby Boomers have faced and overcome many challenges, both from the world around them and in their personal lives. Their stories of perseverance and success are inspiring and should be spoken about more! Acknowledging Boomers’ challenges and successes paints a much more complete picture of their generation.


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Many Baby Boomers are concerned about the legacy they’ll leave behind. They have significantly impacted society, culture, and the economy in a profound and lasting way, but society and the media often minimize their accomplishments. We should recognize their contributions and appreciate their role in shaping the future more.

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