20 Adorably Cute Cat Breeds, Ranked

Written By Jill Taylor

Not every cat breed is the same, but many of them share one important trait: their off-the-charts cuteness. No matter if they’re large, tiny, fluffy, or even hairless, there are many cute cat breeds out there. These are 20 cat breeds that have stolen people’s hearts across the world.

Scottish Fold

Photo Credit: Mert Akkas/Shutterstock

The most distinctive part of these cats is their folded ears, which give them their name, along with the breed’s origins in Scotland. The Spruce Pets calls the Scottish Fold “a sweet-tempered, short-haired breed with an adorably round face and folded ears.” Unfortunately, their folded ears can lead to health issues.


Photo Credit: Serita Vossen/Shutterstock

Ragdolls were first bred in the 1960s and have enchanted Americans ever since. They have long, silky coats and are one of the larger cat breeds. Their name comes from the fact that they tend to go limp when picked up, like ragdolls.

Maine Coon

Photo Credit: nikkytok/Shutterstock

Ragdolls might be on the larger side, but Maine Coons definitely take the prize for being one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. Their bushy tails and long, fluffy ears are iconic, as well as their playful personalities. Unsurprisingly, they’re the official state cat of Maine.


Photo Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET/Shutterstock

Despite their flat, ‘grumpy’ faces, Persians are sweet and gentle cats that enjoy a calm, quiet life indoors. Their thick coats make them excellent cuddling companions, but they also need regular grooming to keep them looking beautiful.


Photo Credit: Alexander Piragis/Shutterstock

Although their wrinkly appearance might put some people off, many find the Sphynx cat’s hairless body really cute. They’re one of the most unique-looking domestic cat breeds, and unlike their large, silent namesakes, they’re very social and love getting attention.


Photo Credit: Voraorn Ratanakorn/Shutterstock

Absolutely stunning and elegant, the Siamese cat might have got a bad reputation from ‘The Lady and the Tramp,’ but they’re still a very cute breed. Interestingly, Britannica says that the breed is “originally from Thailand, a country whose official name was Siam until 1939.”

British Shorthair

Photo Credit: FotoMirta/Shutterstock

You might think that British Shorthairs only ever have the blue-grey fur that they’re famous for, but these popular cats from the UK actually come in a variety of colors and patterns. They’re calm and independent cats that will still come over for a cuddle every now and then.


Photo Credit: Alexander_Evgenyevich/Shutterstock

For a more exotic but still adorable cat, the Bengal is a great option. Their fur has leopard-like spots and patterns, and they’re very active and vocal. Having a Bengal in your home is like having a miniature big cat—they love to explore and climb everywhere.


Photo Credit: evrymmnt/Shutterstock

This breed is so cute that it might explain why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. Abyssinian cats are generally agreed to be the cats of the Ancient Egyptians, which could explain their curiosity and intelligence. They’re also quite playful and energetic.


Photo Credit: Xseon/Shutterstock

Birmans are so amazing that they come with their own white ‘gloves’ on each paw, making this breed absolutely adorable. They have a silky coat that doesn’t need as much grooming as a Persian’s, and their striking blue eyes will capture your heart the moment you look at them.


Photo Credit: namaki/Shutterstock

If those long-haired cats aren’t cute enough for you, then what about the short-haired Burmese? Their fur is a light brown, sometimes described as chocolate, and they’re compact little animals with a lot of muscle under their glossy coats. They’re also friendly and love hanging out with their families.

Russian Blue

Photo Credit: kot1k87/Shutterstock

This beautiful cat breed can range from having silver-gray to slate-gray fur, and they’re not quite as clingy as some others on this list. Pet Health Network notes that “Russian folklore considers the Russian Blue both a healing charm and a good luck charm.” Russian Blues are usually reserved and shy but loyal.

American Shorthair

Photo Credit: Freer/Shutterstock

American Shorthairs are wonderful with families, children, and other pets. They are cute cats that will fit into almost any household. This versatile breed has a history of working hard, too, since they were expert mousers for the European settlers who came to America.

Exotic Shorthair

Photo Credit: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

The Exotic Shorthair has a similar face to Persians, so if you think that the Persian’s face is adorable then you will also love the Exotic Shorthair. Their fur is shorter than that of Persians, but they have similar round faces and the cutest expressions.

Devon Rex

Photo Credit: Veera/Shutterstock

As soon as you see a Devon Rex, the first thing you will notice is their tall ears. These give the breed an interesting, playful look that matches their active, mischievous personalities. Their big eyes and social nature make them one of the cutest cat breeds.


Photo Credit: Phannasit/Shutterstock

These tiny cats have very short legs, and they’re often considered to be the original or official dwarf cat breed. They’re usually only around 6 to 9 inches tall when fully grown, but other than their size, the Munchkin breed is a perfectly normal cat breed and can be very affectionate.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Photo Credit: Elisa Putti/Shutterstock

On the other end of the scale, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, long-haired breed that is perfectly suited to colder climates, like its original country of Norway. They’re gentle but also love to climb, explore, and go on long adventures with their owners.


Photo Credit: Jessie Frances/Shutterstock

According to PDSA, Tonkinese cats “are naturally curious and fairly active, requiring lots of toys to keep them amused.” However, they’re also very cute cats with short, silky fur, and they love spending time with people. They’ll fit right into the family and bond strongly with their owners.


Photo Credit: Katniss studio/Shutterstock

Although it’s one of the rarer breeds of domestic cats, the Chartreux is a good-natured breed with an interesting facial expression. People say that because of how their heads are structured, they often look like they’re smiling. What could be cuter than a cat who can smile at you?


Photo Credit: PradaBrown/Shutterstock

The cutest cat we’re going to look at today is the Manx cat, which comes from the Isle of Man. This cat breed usually either has a very short tail or is completely tailless due to a genetic mutation, but that doesn’t stop them from being adorable and playful little animals.

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